Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

A few weeks ago I bought my first two Real Techniques brushes - really no idea what has taken me so long either? You can read what I thought of the Expert Face Brush here but today I'm going to share my thoughts on the highly recommended Stippling Brush.
Similarly to the Expert Face Brush, the Stippling Brush can be used on the face for all types of makeup: Concealer, Foundation, Bronzer, Blusher, Powder...basically anything you can think of.
The brush is described as "the trade secret for creating air brushed, high-definition results" which lets be honest, is a pretty big claim!
Again it's made of synthetic, duo-fibre bristles that are still the softest thing my face has ever had the pleasure of being stroked with! The special thing with the Stippling Brush is that the bristles are in two layers, base bristles which can pick up and hold the product and longer, top, feathery bristles which are what give that smooth flawless finish.

Now don't shoot me for saying this but I don't love this brush....I mean I like it, I really really do like it and it definitely gives me a more flawless look than when I apply my foundation any other way but maybe I was expecting more?
I'm not sure what more exactly but this product has been SO hyped in the blogosphere I guess I was just expecting a perfect airbrushed finish and unfortunately my face is still far from perfect.
I have actually only used the brush with cheapy drugstore foundation so far so that may have something to do with it. I'm assuming the better quality foundation I use the better results I'll see so maybe I'll re-review when I open my Studio Fix Fluid (currently being saved for my new job).
I would definitely recommend this brush to all my friends. It is amazing! The idea of two levels of bristles achieving different things is genius and something I've never come across before but it really does work and enable you to achieve a much smoother finish from the comfort of your own home.
To be honest I would just keep buying Real Techniques for the softness of their brushes alone - simple things!
Do you own any Real Techniques brushes?
What do you make of the Stippling Brush? (I feel like I've been unfair!)
Did I expect too much?
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