Thursday, 15 May 2014

Our Holiday to Thailand

Now we've been back for a couple of weeks & I've finally come to terms with my holiday blues I thought what better time to have a flick through and share some of our favourite holiday pics with you lovely lot. Please bear with me if this ends up rather long because I can tell now, I am going to struggle to limit the photos *warning picture heavy post*.

So we travelled to Thailand for 2 weeks in April. The holiday had been booked for what felt like forever so I was so so excited when it actually came round. We booked through Thomson Worldwide and got a really good deal where we paid for 7 nights accomodation and got 7 free so this kept our costs down a lot. After a lot of umm-ing and aah-ing we opted to stay in Phuket which is the biggest of all the islands in Thailand and was pretty central for everything we wanted to do and see.

As far as I know when you book to go to Thailand you generally fly to Bangkok and then move onto a smaller plane for an hour or so down to the smaller airports on the islands (if that's where you are staying of course) but no not us....for some reason we ended up flying via Kuala Lumpur which turned out to be further than Thailand and then a small plane journey back on ourselves, which ended up being fine just a little unexpected.
We flew with Malaysian Airlines which I was naturally a little sceptical about with everything that has been going on with flight M370 going missing but I have to hold my hands up and say we absolutely could not fault them.
Being the plane geek hostie I am I was thrilled that we got to fly on one of the new Airbus A380 aircrafts - basically the new shiny super big double decker super planes for anybody who doesn't care! haha

The sun setting on Karon Beach - our first evening in Thailand <3
Elephant trekking with a view over Phuket harbour (our elephant was called Lucky FYI)
One of the stops on our speedboat tour, Bamboo Island - white sand anyone?
We thought about doing the whole travelling round Thailand thing but in the end decided against it. Me & the boy are pretty much just simple sun worshippers (even if the sun does love him a lot more than it loves my poor ginger skin!) and like to stay in and around the hotel, like a nice white beach and occasionally venture out on excursions if they take our fancy - usually boat trips to beaches.
We stayed in a little resort called Karon Beach which was on the west coast of Phuket towards the south of the island. Our transfer from the airport was around an 45mins and we were about 15mins away from the hustle and bustle of Patong if we fancied a livelier evening.
Our hotel was the Centara Karon Resort which was absolutely amazing and everything we hoped it would be. I'm deliberately leaving out a lot of hotel pictures and details so I can get a full hotel review up shortly (watch this space).

One of our beautiful pools, pool bar, jungle backdrop, hot hot sunshine...what more does
a girl need?
Me in the sea at Koh Phi Phi Don island
During our holiday we mostly stayed within our resort as I mentioned but we did venture out a few times for Elephant Trekking, Quad biking in the jungle, a day trip on a speedboat around Koh Phi Phi islands and to Tiger Kingdom. Obviously thrown in the mix was some shameless souvenir shopping, trips to the night markets, daily trips to the beach to see the sunset and lots of amazing food and cocktails.

Koh Phi Phi Leh aka Maya Bay aka THE Beach (as in Leonardo Di Caprio...who sadly wasn't filming a 15yr anniversary remake as I hoped) aka utter paradise! The most beautiful place on earth I'm convinced

Messing around with the boy at Maya Bay <3
Baby tigers!!!! So so cute and not drugged despite what you may hear
Please excuse my camera seemed to decide to get awfully steamy the day we went out on the speedboat so all my island pictures look a little foggy and mysterious! *ooops* The weather looks pretty grey as well but I can promise it was very very hot and sunny!

For anybody that hasn't been and is thinking of going to Thailand I would 1000% recommend it and even our resort in particular. We have never had a holiday like it and had the best time ever. Our first holiday as a couple back in 2007 was to Cancun and was going to take some beating but this has topped it.

Have you got any summer holidays booked for this year?
Have you ever been to Thailand? I'd love to hear your stories!

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