Tuesday, 20 May 2014

NOTD MUA Bold Blue

I'm definitely aware that I seem to be turning into a bit of a MUA addict!
What can I say....it's just too hard to walk past that stand when everything is so so cheap. I reason with myself that it's definitely worth trying everything because even if it turns out to be rubbish it was only a couple of pounds right? And then the products turn out to actually be quite good and my addiction has just grown and grown.

I already own MUA polish is Pistachio Ice Cream, a gorgeous mint green which I love, so didn't hesitate in picking up two more pastel shades that I knew would be perfect for Spring/Summer.
These two were Bold Blue and Lush Lilac (a pale pastel pink).

Bold Blue is the perfect pastel sky blue. I haven't actually seen many polishes this exact shade before, most pastel blues are your traditional "gifts for a baby boy" baby blue so the fact that this polish matches the beautiful skies we've been seeing the last couple of days definitely intrigued me.

Image: MUA
...and I'm pleased to announce this colour hasn't actually left my nails since I bought it. Sorry Lush Lilac you haven't even had a look in yet!
The consistency of the polish is very thin and runny so I did need quite a few coats to get the opaque look I was after. Three I think it was?
One coat of Bold Blue appeared very transparent and I could clearly see the natural colour of my nail underneath. Two coats did create a full on colour but was still a little smeary for my liking but you could probably get away with it if you would like a paler finish.
Saying that each coat did dry really quickly as the polish seems to be thinner than your average so needing a few coats wasn't really a problem.
The picture below is without a top coat and you can see that my nails were left with a lovely opaque bright sky blue colour and a perfect shine.

They did chip quite easily but I am silly and always forget I have just painted my nails and end up washing up or having a shower. I read somewhere the other day that you should avoid soaking your nails in water for 24 hours after painting as even though they appear dry, they will still soak in water and effectly wash off and chip. Learn something new every day eh?

One thing I really love about these MUA nail polishes is the size of the brush head. It considerably smaller than your average nail polish brush which makes painting much easier and more accurate. You can easily get into the corners of your nails without too much effort and without painting the skin around the edge (normally a big problem for clumsy people like me!).

MUA nail polish retails at £1 and is available directly from the MUA website or exclusively at Superdrug.

Have you tried MUA nail polish?
Which colours will you be wearing this Spring/Summer?

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