Friday, 23 May 2014

Nivea In-Shower body moisturiser

Today I'm going to introduce you to my new holy grail product.
One of those new ideas that has actually impacted my life in a good way & made long, effort-required moisturising sessions  a thing of the past.
Being a lover of fake tan moisturising my whole body has always been an important step of my beauty regime that I just can't afford to skip (queue the streaking!)
Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser has been on the market for maybe 6 months now and for some reason I had never got round to trying it. The other day I noticed it was on offer & popped a bottle in my basket quicker than you could say bargain!
As you can probably imagine by the name this product is designed to minimize all the hassle of moisturising by enabling you to do it while you shower. You simply wash as you usually would with your shower gel, scrub etc.. and then apply the moisturiser as a last step. You literally slap it on, all over your body (or wherever you'd like to moisturise), wash it off immediately and are left with silky smooth moisturised skin for up to 24hours - even after towel drying.
I am actually amazed! Why nobody invented a product like this sooner is a mystery to me? After moisturising with Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser my skin definitely does feels silky silky soft, just as if I had moisturised before bed time and let a thick layer of product soak into my skin all night.
The consistency of the moisturiser is a little greasy but it that doesn't translate to the skin. It's also not as thick as other moisturisers that I would use so a little bit really goes a long way, especially mixed in with the water of the shower spraying down at you.
I'd say the idea of moisturising and then washing it off is very similar to using conditioner on your hair and the moisturiser does feel a little bit like conditioner to the touch. A little slimier than your average lotion, if that makes sense. It reminds me of the thick Tres Semme conditioners.

The Nivea In-Shower products now come in Original, Rich, Nourishing Cocoa, Pampering Honey and After Sun which I'm gutted I didn't think to pick up before our holiday!!
Obviously I was drawn to Nourishing Cocoa with that being my favourite scent (smells IN-CRED-IBLE by the way) but I'm seriously tempted to try the whole range now.
They usually retail at around £3.50 for 250ml or £5 for 400ml but are currently on offer in Superdrug
Have you tried any In-Shower moisturising products?
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