Friday, 9 May 2014

A little life ramble.....

Hi dolls! I'm afraid this post is starting with another apology that I have been MIA for a little while.
Apologising for this is becoming something I far too common for my liking at the moment so I thought I owed anybody who likes to read my ramblings, and myself really, a little explaination.
So as you probably remember me mentioning before I was supposed to start my dream job as Cabin Crew today. Yeah well that didn't happen!
And to say I'm devastated about it doesn't even begin to cover it.
Without going OTT on the details or boring you to death there were some problems with my references - nothing major but any little problem is an issue with something as strict as an airport ID -and I wasn't aware of this little problem until Wednesday (2 days before my start date, not ideal!) so unfortunately I now need to gather some extra information which just could not be done and processed in time for me to start when I had hoped.
So looking on the brightside, I will still be starting!...just not when I had hoped, or when I had planned leaving my current job around, or when I had ensured I had enough money to survive training around.
Very very luckily and I am so so grateful, my current job have agreed to keep me on for an extra two weeks which has absolutely saved my skin! Otherwise I would have left my job yesterday and not known when I would be due to start my new job which was a situation I've been petrified of getting myself into. Unfortunately airlines are known for carrying out very complicated referencing procedures so last minute problems like this can and do occur - I guess I was just hoping it wouldn't happen to me.
So basically with getting back from holiday last week, thinking I only had a few days left in my current job I was busy planning leaving lunches/catchups with friends in London, having my leaving doo (now unecessarily early! haha) and manickly attending uniform fittings for my new job.
Then when I finally stopped for breath to really knuckle down with my blogging I thought I was going to be jobless for the foreseeable future and was panicking about how we would pay our rent? how we would be able to eat? how i would put petrol in the car? and pretty much just freaking out about a million different scenarios that may or may not happen.
Thankfully it does look like everything will work out and hopefully I will have a start date for my new job really really soon to tell you all about.
What this space because as from now I'm back!!

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