Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Yankee Large Candle in Fireside Treats

The last couple of weeks this candle has pretty much been permanently burning in our house.
It was the first Yankee I have bought in a "large" size and boy I'm pleased I did.
Introducing...Fireside Treats (also known as Campfire Treat if your in America)
This particular scent is designed with "sitting round the campfire" in mind and perfectly recreates the smell of Toasting Marshmellows in the fire all gooey & scrummy!! Fireside Treats really does smell delicious and reminds me of baking all sorts of sweet goodies in the kitchen *not that i'm a very good cook*. When burning the candle smells lovely & sweet but pretty light and not too overpowering at the same time.
Large Yankee Candle jars are designed to burn for between 110-150 hours. Obviously I didn't test this exactly but I definitely did notice a big difference in the large jar compared to the mediums that I usually buy, it did seem to last much much longer...and is much easier to get your hand in & light that little bit at the bottom when it's nearly finished.
You can find Fireside Treats and many other scents online here
Do you have any Yankee Candles?
What type of scents are your favourite?
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