Thursday, 10 April 2014

Burger & Lobster restaurant

Last week before my adventure to see Justin Timberlake at the O2 arena - which you can read all about here I went for dinner at Burger & Lobster not far from where I work in the City.
Burger & Lobster currently have 5 locations dotted around London: Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Soho, Farringdon & City. We went to the City restaurant which is located in Bread Street, just down the side of the New Change shopping centre right near St Pauls.

I'd been hearing really good things about this place for a while so was really excited to finally eat there.

Burger & Lobster has a pretty unique ordering system. Basically there is no menu... yes you heard me right, a restaurant with no menu! Once seated your waiter/ress will ask you whether you have been to Burger & Lobster before and if the latter explain how everything works - a little like Nandos I guess.
There is no menu at all and the restaurant only serves three dishes:
Lobster roll
The burger is a mahoosive 10oz, Lobster is a whole 1lb 5oz Lobster and can be cooked a number of ways and in a number of marinades and the Lobster roll is basically all the meat picked out of a whole Lobster for you, so all the messy work is already done, and served in a delicious almost "toasty" like bread roll.
All options are served with chips and a side salad and everything costs £20!
So simple!!
I chose the Lobster roll pretty much out of curiousity as to what it would actually look and taste like. I was considering having the burger but lets face it it's not very often I go out for lobster, let alone affordable lobster and we definitely could have just eaten elsewhere if all we wanted was a burger.
It was absolutely delicious!! The lobster was incredible and so full of flavour. Surprisingly as well there was a lot of meat in my roll, maybe more so than you'd be able to get out of the actual whole lobster yourself anyway.
My mum had the whole lobster, boiled and served with garlic & lemon butter, although this was actually on the side anyway which I think was a good idea. It definitely came out of the kitchen looking amazing, I think there's something about lobster that always does doesn't it? She did struggle to get all the meat out of the claws and I could tell she was secretly jealous of my mess-free roll! hehe but she did say it was very tasty indeed.

Obviously the lobster was the main attraction on our plates but our french fries and salads were pretty scrummy too. I happily gobbled everything down but was absolutely stuffed by the end. You know one of those meals that is too good not to finish but you are really full? Yeah that was it!
The interior of Burger & Lobster is really lovely. Its modern & relaxed but doesn't feel cheap or nasty at all. All tables are relatively small and I think you can only host parties of up to 8 people (even less in some of their other locations). The little lobsters can be seen and picked from their tanks which I'm not personally very keen on but I just try not to think about what I'm eating to be honest and tell myself that those lobsters are just swimming and not going to actually end up on my plate!! haha (whatever helps me sleep at night & all that!!)
I think our entire bill of two meals and drinks came to £57 which I think is pretty damn good for a high quality lobster dinner in central London.
I was so so impressed with Burger & Lobster and would definitely recommend it to everybody I know! Even if you're not particularly a lobster fan it's a great opportunity to try lobster at a really reasonable price or to indulge in a big fat juicy burger otherwise.
I know I will definitely be telling asking very nicely for my boyfriend to bring me here on our next trip up town
You can ready more about Burger & Lobster or book a table at their website here
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