Friday, 11 April 2014

NOTD MUA Pistachio Ice Cream

Afternoon dolls!
Today I have an absolute gem to share with you...MUA nail polish in Pistachio Ice Cream
I came across this little beaut whilst I was buying some holiday essentials on the Superdrug website. I had to spend over £50 to get free delivery and my basket was at something like £46 so of course I looked straight to my favourite budget beauty brand MUA!
To top up my order I actually added this gorgeous polish, a blush AND a new lipstick - all for £4 but more about those another time....
Image: Superdrug

This image from the Superdrug website really doesn't do the shade justice but I couldn't seem to get the lighting right on my iPhone and my camera is all packed away ready for our holiday now.
You can see much a proper reflection of the colour here on the lovely Shannon's blog Raspberry Kisses, she has much better pictures than me!
Pistachio Ice Cream is a gorgeous pale mint green, particularly one of the pastel shades I reach for at this time of year.
Yes since MUA have reinvented their nail polish bottles they are obviously trying to imitate Essie but to be honest I don't blame them. The Essie packaging is so classic and effortless what's not to be jealous of? And don't they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery?

Like I said...not my greatest images
The polish itself is quite translucent so I found it does definitely need a few coats to get the opaque look that I'm usually after. The consistency of the polish is a little on the gloopy side and not the easiest to apply but (similarly with Barry M Gelly's) I've discovered if you apply a coat of clear matte polish in between coats it really does make all the difference and allows you do apply even the most stubborn formulas like a dream.

It's safe to say I am absolutely obcessed with this shade! I definitely think colour wise its a serious Mint Candy Apple dupe, and obviously we could all do with one of those in our life!
Pistachio Ice Cream has literally has not left my nails since I purchased a fortnight ago, and for someone who usually changes their polish every couple of days this definitely says something.

The absolute most important thing to mention....this nail polish is £1 - YES ONE POUND!
So yes it isn't the best nail polish around and yes it does chip after a while (better with a top coat I must add) but at the end of the day it costs less than a coffee so I really don't think you can go wrong!

Do you own any MUA nail polishes?
What do you think of them? I'd love to hear from you
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