Wednesday, 2 April 2014


This week my weightloss has taken a slight set back...mostly due to me thinking its okay to stuff my face with far too many Easter eggs and justifying it with "but we're going to be in Thailand at Easter" ....oooops indeed! That combined with girls wine night at mine and cocktails at the Justin Timberlake concert last night and i'm looking 3lbs heavier! Definitely not ideal!! (officially weigh in is Saturday so maybe I can claw something back?!)
Starting weight: 14st 4lbs (200lbs - the dreaded number!!)
Starting BMI: 34.3 (obese category)
Starting Dress Size: 16-18
Current Weight: 13st 11lbs
Current BMI: 33.1 (obese category)
Current Dress Size: 16 but neeearly in my size 14 trousers
Total Weight Loss: 7lbs
So with my eating being a bit of a disaster this week I thought I would tell you all about what sort of things I have been doing at the gym at the moment.
I'm lucky enough to have a gym in the basement of my office building in London (all about to change when I start my new job next month!) so I've been trying to go at least 3 times a week during my lunch break and would really like to up this to make the most of it before I leave.
1) For my warm up I power walk up hill for 5-10 mins - we're talking highest incline on the treadmill with speed around 6kmph
2) Then I head over to the leg extension machines & work out my legs for a while. Hamstrings & Quads in particular. I tend to lift on my Hamstrings and 17.5kg on my idea why but the backs of my legs are definitely stronger than the front. I do 12-15 reps to warm up and then 3 lots of 12-15 reps with a short break inbetween each set
3) Depending on my mood I'll usually do some cardio for the next 10-15 minutes. Either HIIT on the treadmill (short bursts of sprinting for 60 secs, followed by 90 secs fast walking), the cross trainer, stepper, bike..or sometimes a combination of a couple of these.
4) To finish off I always do some strength training with weights.
This varies from barbell squats, kettlebell squats, lunges with dumbells and arm exercises with dumbells. I then move onto some floor work with the swiss ball, thing like situps, crunches, reverse cruches, butterfly kicks, bicycle kicks, hip thrusts etc..
5) Finally I will have a bit of a stretch to ensure I don't hurt too much the next day...usually wishful thinking! hehe
I'd love to hear what you get up to at the gym?
I'm always looking for new exercises to chuck into my routine and mix things up a bit!

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