Thursday, 17 April 2014

Style Crush - Mila Kunis

I haven't done a style crush post for a little while but this one is definitely worth the wait!
Mila Kunis - one of the most beautiful women in the world
Definitely girl crushing right now, her & Michelle Keegan are totally my faves!
I swear this lady can actually do no wrong! No matter what she wears she looks incredible - even in her gym kit *not even a teeny bit jealous, honest!*

If I had to pick a favourite look of Mila's it would probably either the red dress at the Friends With Benefits premier (second from left in top collage) or the casual day dress above (second from right) which I think is absolutely stunning!
Mila always looks amazing on the red carpet but I think her sense of style day-to-day when just popping out to run errands or grab coffee is what really sets her apart from other actresses her age.
The casual sweater & boyfriend jean look below is just so natural & "down-to-earth". I think Mila's style is definitely something we can all identify with and I know that's definitely something I would wear....just a shame I don't have the washboard abs!
I'm sure Mila will be an amazing mother and I can't wait to see more of her pregnancy wardrobe and how she will dress what will surely be the cutest tot in Tinseltown
What do you think of Mila Kunis' style?
Would you like access to her wardrobe for the day?

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Thailand 2014

Morning dolls!!
I can actually barely contain the excitment typing this but by the time you are reading this post me and the boy will finally be on our plane to Thailand!
After booking our holiday what feels like a lifetime ago it has finally blimmin' arrived and even though we are flying with Malaysian Air & I am a little bit concerned our plane will get lost (how horrendous is everything that has happened to flight M370? I really hope they have some answers for those poor families by the time I get home!) I am still very very excited!
We are staying at a little resort called Karon Beach on the island of Phuket which I'm sure most of you have heard of. Here are some cheeky google snaps of some of the things we'll be getting up to....

Blogging is going to be taking a bit of a back seat for the next couple of weeks while I'm away but I'll have a couple of posts popping up so keep yours eyes peeled....
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Friday, 11 April 2014

NOTD MUA Pistachio Ice Cream

Afternoon dolls!
Today I have an absolute gem to share with you...MUA nail polish in Pistachio Ice Cream
I came across this little beaut whilst I was buying some holiday essentials on the Superdrug website. I had to spend over £50 to get free delivery and my basket was at something like £46 so of course I looked straight to my favourite budget beauty brand MUA!
To top up my order I actually added this gorgeous polish, a blush AND a new lipstick - all for £4 but more about those another time....
Image: Superdrug

This image from the Superdrug website really doesn't do the shade justice but I couldn't seem to get the lighting right on my iPhone and my camera is all packed away ready for our holiday now.
You can see much a proper reflection of the colour here on the lovely Shannon's blog Raspberry Kisses, she has much better pictures than me!
Pistachio Ice Cream is a gorgeous pale mint green, particularly one of the pastel shades I reach for at this time of year.
Yes since MUA have reinvented their nail polish bottles they are obviously trying to imitate Essie but to be honest I don't blame them. The Essie packaging is so classic and effortless what's not to be jealous of? And don't they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery?

Like I said...not my greatest images
The polish itself is quite translucent so I found it does definitely need a few coats to get the opaque look that I'm usually after. The consistency of the polish is a little on the gloopy side and not the easiest to apply but (similarly with Barry M Gelly's) I've discovered if you apply a coat of clear matte polish in between coats it really does make all the difference and allows you do apply even the most stubborn formulas like a dream.

It's safe to say I am absolutely obcessed with this shade! I definitely think colour wise its a serious Mint Candy Apple dupe, and obviously we could all do with one of those in our life!
Pistachio Ice Cream has literally has not left my nails since I purchased a fortnight ago, and for someone who usually changes their polish every couple of days this definitely says something.

The absolute most important thing to mention....this nail polish is £1 - YES ONE POUND!
So yes it isn't the best nail polish around and yes it does chip after a while (better with a top coat I must add) but at the end of the day it costs less than a coffee so I really don't think you can go wrong!

Do you own any MUA nail polishes?
What do you think of them? I'd love to hear from you
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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Burger & Lobster restaurant

Last week before my adventure to see Justin Timberlake at the O2 arena - which you can read all about here I went for dinner at Burger & Lobster not far from where I work in the City.
Burger & Lobster currently have 5 locations dotted around London: Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Soho, Farringdon & City. We went to the City restaurant which is located in Bread Street, just down the side of the New Change shopping centre right near St Pauls.

I'd been hearing really good things about this place for a while so was really excited to finally eat there.

Burger & Lobster has a pretty unique ordering system. Basically there is no menu... yes you heard me right, a restaurant with no menu! Once seated your waiter/ress will ask you whether you have been to Burger & Lobster before and if the latter explain how everything works - a little like Nandos I guess.
There is no menu at all and the restaurant only serves three dishes:
Lobster roll
The burger is a mahoosive 10oz, Lobster is a whole 1lb 5oz Lobster and can be cooked a number of ways and in a number of marinades and the Lobster roll is basically all the meat picked out of a whole Lobster for you, so all the messy work is already done, and served in a delicious almost "toasty" like bread roll.
All options are served with chips and a side salad and everything costs £20!
So simple!!
I chose the Lobster roll pretty much out of curiousity as to what it would actually look and taste like. I was considering having the burger but lets face it it's not very often I go out for lobster, let alone affordable lobster and we definitely could have just eaten elsewhere if all we wanted was a burger.
It was absolutely delicious!! The lobster was incredible and so full of flavour. Surprisingly as well there was a lot of meat in my roll, maybe more so than you'd be able to get out of the actual whole lobster yourself anyway.
My mum had the whole lobster, boiled and served with garlic & lemon butter, although this was actually on the side anyway which I think was a good idea. It definitely came out of the kitchen looking amazing, I think there's something about lobster that always does doesn't it? She did struggle to get all the meat out of the claws and I could tell she was secretly jealous of my mess-free roll! hehe but she did say it was very tasty indeed.

Obviously the lobster was the main attraction on our plates but our french fries and salads were pretty scrummy too. I happily gobbled everything down but was absolutely stuffed by the end. You know one of those meals that is too good not to finish but you are really full? Yeah that was it!
The interior of Burger & Lobster is really lovely. Its modern & relaxed but doesn't feel cheap or nasty at all. All tables are relatively small and I think you can only host parties of up to 8 people (even less in some of their other locations). The little lobsters can be seen and picked from their tanks which I'm not personally very keen on but I just try not to think about what I'm eating to be honest and tell myself that those lobsters are just swimming and not going to actually end up on my plate!! haha (whatever helps me sleep at night & all that!!)
I think our entire bill of two meals and drinks came to £57 which I think is pretty damn good for a high quality lobster dinner in central London.
I was so so impressed with Burger & Lobster and would definitely recommend it to everybody I know! Even if you're not particularly a lobster fan it's a great opportunity to try lobster at a really reasonable price or to indulge in a big fat juicy burger otherwise.
I know I will definitely be telling asking very nicely for my boyfriend to bring me here on our next trip up town
You can ready more about Burger & Lobster or book a table at their website here
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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Evening dolls!
I can't believe another weight loss wednesday has snuck on me so quickly again, these days really do seem to fly by at the moment. So this is going to be my last #BloggersWLW post for a couple of weeks because over blogged about long awaited holiday has finally come around and lets face it I
a) am definitely not going to have any good advice to share, or be behaving myself on the dieting & working out front and
 b) I intend to be pretty busy sunny myself on a beach and just for two weeks of the year forgetting all about my weight loss journey!

 This week my diet has balanced out a little more. I've stopped being quite so strict on myself but have still been making sensible and healthy choices whenever I can. I've had the odd bit of chocolate and hot cross bun - I'm actually powerless to resist the Marks & Spencer Chocolate & Toffee hot cross buns...actual heaven on a plate!!

I have however seriously upped my workouts this week and have been going everyday in my lunchbreak at work. I've been sticking to my usual routines which you can read about here.
I definitely think that our puppy Marley is helping keep me active as well. We take him for long walks at the weekend and run around on big open fields to tire him out and I can never sit down for long these days before I have to go & investigate what trouble he is causing in another room in the house or to let him out for the toilet.
I've managed to lose 3.4lbs since last week so something must be going right. It's really upsetting me that I'm in the obese BMI category because this means I am definitely more likely to suffer with health problems so I've worked out that I need to lose another 21.6lbs to be in just the "overweight" category rather than obese. I'd really like to make this target by my birthday in mid-June which I think should be realistic as long as I don't gain too badly while I'm on holiday.

Starting weight: 14st 4lbs (200lbs - the dreaded number!!)
Starting BMI: 34.3 (obese category)
Starting Dress Size: 16-18
Current Weight: 13st 9.4lbs
Current BMI: 32.5 (obese category)
Current Dress Size: 16 and my trousers are feeling very loose
Total Weight Loss: 10.4lbs

When I get back from holiday I'm excited to have the Exante Diet and some Protein World products to review so watch this space....

Are you still taking part in #BloggersWLW?
I'd love to hear how you're getting on, leave me a comment to let me know?

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I'm sure you've all noticed by now but I'm definitely a sucker for a tag!
In particular I love the nosy question ones that let me get to know more about my favourite bloggers. Here is the lastest tag I came across on the lovely Carrieanne's blog Beauties Unlocked...
The TMI Tag
1. What are you wearing?
Black cigarette pants and dark grey long sleeved t-shirt with a big cosy knitted jumper
over the top
2. Ever been in love?
3. Ever had a terrible break up?
4. How tall are you?
5ft 4 (even though I always thought I was 5ft 5 until I got measured
for a job interview recently!)
5. How much do you weigh?
Far too much at the moment :( you can read about my current weight loss plan here
6. Any tattoos?
No but I am desperate to get some when I have the money.
I want one down my spine, on my foot and round my thigh
7. Any piercings?
Just my ears and a hole in my belly that I'm sure had closed up now
8. OTP (One True Pairing)
100%, I think everybody has a soulmate out there
9. Favourite TV show
Tough the moment Keeping Up With the Kardashians or TOWIE
Of all time... Friends or The OC
10. Favourite brands
Missguided, AX Paris and Warehouse
11. Something you miss?
Drifting apart from some of my best friends
12. Favourite song?
Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers
13. How old are you?
I'm 25 years old
14. Zodiac sign?
15. Quality you look for in a partner?
Someone who can make me laugh and honesty
16. Favourite quote?
"We're here for a good time not a long time" - Mark Wright
17. Favourite actor?
Bradley Cooper/Channing Tatum (for their acting abilities obviously!)
18. Favourite colour?
Bubblegum pink
19. Loud music of soft?
Loud pumping tunes everytime
20. Where do you go when you are sad?
Usually to bed or for a drive if I want to do some thinking
21. How long does it take you to shower?
Just shower about 10-15mins, with hair wash 20-30mins
22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
For my current job not long, I squeeze some extra time in bed & do my makeup on the train but now I'm going back to being cabin crew it will be a good hour.
23. Ever been in a physical fight?
I don't think so
24. Turn on?
Bright blue eyes and I'm a sucker for a cheeky smile
25. Turn off?
Arrogance & rudeness
26. The reason I started blogging?
Like most of you I'd been reading beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogs for a couple of years now and I always thought it would be a fab hobby to get involved in. The blogging community truly is so amazing and seeing all the positive comments on other blogs really did inspire me to get involved.
I always intended to start off as a beauty blog and wanted to venture into other areas eventually so now I'm going back to my job as an air hostess my blog will be a fab way to document all my amazing adventures and I'll be able to look back one day at all my stories and hopefully show my kids one day.
27. Fears?
I know how ridiculously irrational this is but i hate chewing gum!! Eeeuurrgghh!
Honestly the look of it, the texture of it, the sound of people chomping away on it proper makes me retch!....oh and drowning!
28. Last thing that made you cry?
Watching Ladder 49 on Sunday night! Such a sad film...gets me everytime
29. Last time you said you loved someone?
Not sure if he's really a someone but this morning when I had to leave our little puppy Marley on his own and go to work.
30. Meaning behind your blogging name?
Sparkle Bug just because I love all things shiny, sparkly & glittery and get drawn to them like a magpie
31. Last book you read?
A book called "Cabin Fever" it's written by an ex-Virgin Atlantic air hostess and dishes all the dirt on the life of a hostie - amazing!
32. The boook you're currently reading?
Nothing at the moment but I have David Beckham's autobiography on standby for our holiday next week!
33. Last show you watched?
Made in Chelsea while I was babysitting my gorgeous goddaughter last night (she was asleep don't worry!)
34. Last person you talked to?
My friends at work
35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
My mum
36. Favourite food?
Mexican everytime
37. Place you want to visit?
38. Last place you were?
As in holiday place?....Fuerteventua
39. Do you have a crush?
Top 5: David Beckham (will always be my main man!! <3), Paul Walker (RIP booo), Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum.
40. Last time you kissed someone?
My boyfriend last night
41. Last time you were insulted?
There's this girl in my group of friends who for some reason really doesn't like me. The other night I saw she is arranging a night out with all my girlfriends and not including me.....again!!
42. Favourite flavour of sweet?
43. What instruments do you play?
None but I can pluck a song out of a guitar or piano if you give me a while
44. Favourite piece of jewellery?
To be honest im not big on jewellery but I wear my Links bracelet that my work colleagues clubbed together and bought me when I left most days
45. Last sport you played?
I went to the gym yesterday?
46. Last song you sang?
One of the Kisstory songs on the radio this morning
47. Favourite chat up line?
I hate chat up lines!!
48. Have you ever used it?
49. Last time you hung out with anyone?
I babysat my best friends little girl (my god daughter Phoebe) last night because her big brother had just had his tonsils out and needed his mummy & daddy in hospital with him!
Little cutie!
50. Who should answer these questions next?
Anybody who wants to? Get involved guys

Monday, 7 April 2014

Tangle Teezer

Last week on one of my "it's too sunny to stay indoors" lunch breaks I nipped out the Boots and purchased for the first time the one and only Tangle Teaser!
I really have no idea why I've never purchased up until now, when I was cabin crew previously we used to sell them onboard the plane and my hair is particularly long, thick and knotty so I really have no excuse.
Anyway better late than never I have finally jumped on the bandwagon...


Quite honestly I don't think my life will ever be the same after discovering this little gem!!
It actually is incredible.
I've always had thick hair that knots really really easily. All my friends will happily carry their hairbrush around with them on nights out, whipping it out half way through the night to give their hair a quick smooth over and I've always been so jealous because my hair would definitely have gathered some knots by then! Even more so if I've used any sort of hairspray & rollers before hand - total nightmare.

So the Tangle Teaser, for anybody that doesn't know, is a form of hairbrush but instead of using bristles with little bobbles on the end (standard hairbrush style..if that makes any sense?) it has long, thin, bendy, plastic pins. That really is the best way I can describe it and I have absolutely no idea why that makes such a difference but it really does and the Tangle Teaser glides effortlessly and extremely gently through even the toughest knots on dry or wet hair!

The only thing I could possible change about this product is the lack of handle. I know this is designed to make the Tangle Teaser more portable and compact but brushing your hair with a handheld does take some getting used to - and I definitely through my Tangle Teaser across the train this morning! *ooops*

I will definitely be recommending the Tangle Teaser to anybody I know that doesn't already have one.

Tangle Teasers are available in all good drugstores for around £10-13.
They also now come in a variety of sizes and styles, some of which you can find here

Do you have a Tangle Teaser?
I'd love to hear what you think of it?

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience Tour

Tuesday night was finally the night.....after hearing about me buying tickets back in October here which seems like forever ago, it was the day of the Justin Timberlake concert!!!!!!
(or as I have been calling it...National Justin Timberlake Day - who reeeally likes April Fools Day anyway?)
You may remember I saw Mr Timberlake back in July last year at Wireless Festival and was completely blown away by how amazing he was! And I'm happy to say he didn't disappoint this time either and was absolutely incredible again.
This time I went to The 20/20 Experience World Tour and JT's first night at the O2 Arena in London.

I'm honestly in such awe of this there nothing he can't do? He sings, he dances, he plays guitar, piano, keyboard, drums, he's got an amazing sexy voice when he talks, he laughs & jokes with the crowd and takes the piss out of himself, he looks incredible and wears a full 3-piece suit the entire way threw his gigs and obviously he's a total babe!!
I'm actually besotted!
This time I was sitting really really high up in the top tier level 4. If any of you have any been to the O2 you will understand how high this fact you are advised when you book tickets not to sit there if you are scared of heights!
I mean yes Justin was a teeny little dot in the distance and didn't have the best setup of big screens to watch on either but I really don't think this matters too much at a music concert. After all you are there to listen to his voice most of all and obviously you can appreciate that wherever you're sitting. When I saw him at Wireless I made the poor boy stay in the same spot with me for hours beforehand (super fan girl I know!) so we were only 3-4 people from the front and literally a stones throw from Justin so I knew this would be nowhere near as exciting but to be honest I was just buzzing that I'd been lucky enough to get tickets to see him again at all!!
We were pretty lucky and even though we were high we were dead on centre stage so actually did have quite a good view. In the second half part of the stage came out across the whole audience and Justin performed a couple of songs on a little stage in the centre of the people eating dinner and those that had paid for standing tickets - oh to beeee one of those lucky people. Justin was so close he practically gave a personal lap dance! *not jealous one little bit!*...and when he came out to this little stage in the middle he was much closer to us and we could see pretty well.
Justin didn't have any support acts so he didn't start until 8:30 which actually made a really nice change. I had to get straight to the O2 from finishing work in the City at 5:30 and when the doors for a concert open at 6:30 it's a bit of a rush. This time we had plenty of time to eat in Central London first - we have a gorgeous meal at Burger & Lobster which I'm going to review separately (to die for!) and then when we got to the O2 Arena at around 7pm there was still plenty of time for some cheeky cocktails in TGIs.
I thought Justin had done a long set at Wireless but this time he did a solid 2 & half hour set which is so so unusual. In total he performed over 30 songs which is just incredible. I've been to a lot of concerts over the years and I don't think I've ever seen an artist have such a long set.
What Goes Around..Comes Around is always my favourite! Justin performed it acoustic with just a guitar both times I have seen him and it literally gives me goosebumps!!
I've included a video from his night at Maddison Square Gardens in NYC mostly because my video was very poor iPhone quality and I was sitting so high Justin was a little dot. You can appreciate him in all his glory in this amazing vid.

A girls night out wouldn't be the same without the obligatory cocktails....Pornstar Martini! My fave!!
If any of you are going to see Justin Timberlake at any of his other UK dates you are going to have an AMAZING time I promise!
I'm seriously contemplating splashing out on a day ticket to V Festival to go see him in August again.
Have you been to any good concerts recently?
Who is your favourite performed?

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014


This week my weightloss has taken a slight set back...mostly due to me thinking its okay to stuff my face with far too many Easter eggs and justifying it with "but we're going to be in Thailand at Easter" ....oooops indeed! That combined with girls wine night at mine and cocktails at the Justin Timberlake concert last night and i'm looking 3lbs heavier! Definitely not ideal!! (officially weigh in is Saturday so maybe I can claw something back?!)
Starting weight: 14st 4lbs (200lbs - the dreaded number!!)
Starting BMI: 34.3 (obese category)
Starting Dress Size: 16-18
Current Weight: 13st 11lbs
Current BMI: 33.1 (obese category)
Current Dress Size: 16 but neeearly in my size 14 trousers
Total Weight Loss: 7lbs
So with my eating being a bit of a disaster this week I thought I would tell you all about what sort of things I have been doing at the gym at the moment.
I'm lucky enough to have a gym in the basement of my office building in London (all about to change when I start my new job next month!) so I've been trying to go at least 3 times a week during my lunch break and would really like to up this to make the most of it before I leave.
1) For my warm up I power walk up hill for 5-10 mins - we're talking highest incline on the treadmill with speed around 6kmph
2) Then I head over to the leg extension machines & work out my legs for a while. Hamstrings & Quads in particular. I tend to lift on my Hamstrings and 17.5kg on my idea why but the backs of my legs are definitely stronger than the front. I do 12-15 reps to warm up and then 3 lots of 12-15 reps with a short break inbetween each set
3) Depending on my mood I'll usually do some cardio for the next 10-15 minutes. Either HIIT on the treadmill (short bursts of sprinting for 60 secs, followed by 90 secs fast walking), the cross trainer, stepper, bike..or sometimes a combination of a couple of these.
4) To finish off I always do some strength training with weights.
This varies from barbell squats, kettlebell squats, lunges with dumbells and arm exercises with dumbells. I then move onto some floor work with the swiss ball, thing like situps, crunches, reverse cruches, butterfly kicks, bicycle kicks, hip thrusts etc..
5) Finally I will have a bit of a stretch to ensure I don't hurt too much the next day...usually wishful thinking! hehe
I'd love to hear what you get up to at the gym?
I'm always looking for new exercises to chuck into my routine and mix things up a bit!

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April Instagram Challenge

As all you lovely people seemed to enjoy my December Instagram challenge post, which you can read all about here I thought I would share the latest challenge I have come across.

The April Photo A Day Challenge

All you have to do to take part is take "a photo a day" as the name suggests. A different topic is given on each day and can be interpretted however you like.
And make sure you use the hashtag #fmsphotoaday so everybody else can see your pics and join the fun.

You can see my version of the photo challenge here on Instagram, although I am off on my holidays soon so not sure how much Wi-fi will be available.
Stop by and say hello!


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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Yankee Large Candle in Fireside Treats

The last couple of weeks this candle has pretty much been permanently burning in our house.
It was the first Yankee I have bought in a "large" size and boy I'm pleased I did.
Introducing...Fireside Treats (also known as Campfire Treat if your in America)
This particular scent is designed with "sitting round the campfire" in mind and perfectly recreates the smell of Toasting Marshmellows in the fire all gooey & scrummy!! Fireside Treats really does smell delicious and reminds me of baking all sorts of sweet goodies in the kitchen *not that i'm a very good cook*. When burning the candle smells lovely & sweet but pretty light and not too overpowering at the same time.
Large Yankee Candle jars are designed to burn for between 110-150 hours. Obviously I didn't test this exactly but I definitely did notice a big difference in the large jar compared to the mediums that I usually buy, it did seem to last much much longer...and is much easier to get your hand in & light that little bit at the bottom when it's nearly finished.
You can find Fireside Treats and many other scents online here
Do you have any Yankee Candles?
What type of scents are your favourite?
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