Friday, 14 March 2014

Models Own 5pc brush set

A few weeks ago you may remember me mentioning here that I took full advantage of the Models Own 50% off sale to celebrate them reaching 250,000 followers on Facebook.
Another one of the items I picked up was the Models Own 5pc Brush Kit
Image: Models Own
In the set (from L-R) you get the following brushes: Powder brush, Shading brush, Blending brush, Angled brush & Lip brush

Being drugstore brushes I wasn't expecting miracles but I was pleasantly surprised by these brushes.
I only tend to go with detailled or heavy eye makeup on nights out so I've only trialled the shading & blending brush once but both did a great job. Both are just the right size to achieve their look and the blending brush in particular was perfect for the crease of my eye.
The powder brush and angled brush have become daily staples in my makeup bag. The angled brush is super soft but yet still manages to be firm enough to apply really really accurate eyeliner. I always find my angled brushes are one or the other, too firm so that hurt or too soft so they don't provide good application.
I'm yet to try the lip brush but have high hopes after using the other four.

All brushes are super super soft and wash really well. I've given them 2 washes now and am thrilled that they definitely return to their original softness and barely shed any hairs at all - winner!

The Models Own 5 piece brush kit usually retails at £10 and can be found online here (where you can also find some of the brushes individually if a particular one takes your fancy?) or at the Models Own Bottle Shop or larger Boots & Superdrug stores

What makeup brushes do you recommend?
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