Monday, 24 March 2014

Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening Economy Kit

I've been wanting to whiten my teeth for a while now but it's one of those things that I just never seemed to get round to sorting out. With my new job looming and wearing red lipstick daily being imminent I decided now was the time to do something about it.
Don't get me wrong my teeth aren't horrendous but they are discoloured and I often avoid toothy smiles because of it. I'd really love to feel more confident wearing red lipsticks (a rarity despite my love for them) but most shades definitely just seem to enhance and tooth discolouration so I definitely wouldn't feel confident at work with the way my teeth are at the moment.
I did some research and quickly decided I would prefer at home whitening as opposed to in a dental surgery and came across Mint Cosmetics who seemed to be reputable, had great reviews and weren't too pricey.

I ordered the Economy Kit, now known as the Half Kit, so not surprisingly it contains half of the whitening gel that the full kit would do. Still plenty for 10-12 days application which I thought would be perfect for a beginner like me to trial the product and to see how I get on with teeth whitening in general.

Included in the economy kit is:

- an instruction booklet and DVD
- three mouth trays complete with case
- 1 bottle of pre whitening solution (+ applicator sponge)
- 2 syringes of whitening gel
- a tooth colour guide

The great thing that makes the Mint Cosmetics set stand out for me is that you receive three completely fresh mouldable teeth trays. Normally home whitening kits just have bog standard, one size fits all, trays so inevitably you're teeth aren't being exposed to the maximum product possible as the trays will be pretty loose fitting. Mint Cosmetics have already thought of this for you and give detailled instructions on how to use boiling water to mould your trays to fit your teeth perfectly.

So far I've used two applications of whitening and haven't noticed much of a difference but this does take a while and I intend to persevere and make sure I whiten daily as recommended.

Can't wait to update you all on my progress soon
Have you ever used teeth whitening products?
I'd love to hear how you got on?

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