Friday, 21 March 2014

Raising awareness for cancer #nomakeupselfie

I'm not sure about you but this week nearly everybody I know on facebook has been getting involved in the #nomakeupselfie trend to help raise awareness for Cancer.
To be honest initially I was a little sceptical, not at the thought of appearing without my makeup (there must be hundreds of pictures like that already! cringeeee!), but just because I didn't really understand how one little picture of me looking like a baby boy could really help raise awareness for Cancer? I had a little look into it.
Last year beauty retailer Escensual launch the #daretobare campaign. They encouraged women to post pictures of themselves with no makeup on Twitter making a strong and brave public statement. They then donated £1 for the first 1000 #daretobare pictures that appear on Twitter.
So in that instance a lot of money AND awareness was raised for cancer charities.
In the end I decided I was happy to get involved in the trend providing that I donated directly to the charity personally as well and encouraged my nominees to do the same. The majority of girls I know definitely seem to be doing the same so the tag is proving pretty successful.
Yesterday it was announced that what started off as a small vanity project has in fact prompted over 800,000 text donations to Cancer Research UK alone raising more than £1 million so far!!!
Pretty incredible for a little trend that only takes 30 seconds to take part in really....
I nominate you all to take part, take a no makeup selfie and Text BEAT to 70007
Come and take a look at my #nomakeupselfie (can't believe I'm encouraging this!! loool) over on Instagram @SPARKLEBUGBLOG
Will you be getting involved?