Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Hi dolls,
Time for my weekly #BloggersWLW update again...these really do seem to come around so quickly!
So Ive had a little dilemma this week, firstly I have discovered that my scales seem to tell me I weigh something entirely different depending on where in the house I weigh myself. Bathroom (hard floor but a little uneven) im doing well, downstairs (carpet but flat) not good at all! Then after that depressing discovery my scales seem to have given up on me entirely (I assume maybe the battery has died) so now I have no idea at all how well I'm doing!! :s

Up until last weeks weigh in I was thrilled to have lost 12lbs since starting my #BloggersWLW journey back in January, but now I'm wondering whether that's actually the case at all! *ooopsie*
So basically I need to get some new digital scales pretty sharpish...

This week I have really upped my game & made sure I worked out at least 3 times. My friend Debbie has been kicking my arse and motivating me in our gym at lunchtimes and its been really nice having somebody to go along with. Plus I'm finding myself trying new strength exercises that I wouldn't have though of because Debs suggests them so thats good.

Today I discovered that Groupon have a deal on at the moment for £14.50 you get 3 months online membership to Weight Watchers so I've joined up again. If you've ever tried Weight Watchers you will know that this is a total bargain, usually you pay £11.90 per month for online access so I think this is a really good deal.
Last week I found out I've been lucky enough to be offered the absolutely job of my dreams! Full time permanent Cabin Crew!!! I'm absolutely over the moon and so so excited. I'm not sure when I'll be starting because I'm still waiting for a start date to begin my training but I'm determined to be a size 10-12 when I go for that uniform fitting!! (Probably a 14 16-18 at the moment if im honest). That along with my holiday to Thailand only 5 weeks away now is definitely all the motivation I need at the moment

Also with Lent starting today my friend Lisa and I are giving up chocolate - which while Im working in an office is much harder than you would imagine. I'm also going to try and cut out bread until my holiday now (which is just a few days before the end of Lent but I cant promise I won't be eating something naughty on that long long plane ride)

How have you all been getting on?
Do any of you have any Weight Watchers tips?
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