Thursday, 27 February 2014


I'm really not sure what's the matter with me at the moment, I just haven't been able to find the time to blog as recently as I want to *boooo sniff sniff*

I definitely havent done a #bloggerswlw update for much longer than I should have, very very naughty of me. Soo here is my little update from the last couple of weeks, i know its technically Thursday now and not a Wednesday at all but this post was supposed to be scheduled for yesterday and if I don't upload it now im going to miss another week altogether!!.....

Although I haven't had time to post much recently I have made sure to keep up with my healthy eating (mostly ish). Don't get me wrong I've been letting myself have the odd treat and a takeaway once a fortnight but the days of daily visits to the vending machine are well & truly over.
A typical days eating has been:
Passion fruit & Mango porridge
Stir Fry, Chicken Salad or Chicken & Chorizo soup
Steak & veg or Chicken, sweet potato & veg

I've been allowing myself one naughty meal a week like a big fat portion of homemade cheesy lasagna or mexican (my total fave!).

Today I've finally got my butt back in the gym! Its been a long time coming and im annoyed with myself for not going for so long because now my holiday to Thailand is fast approaching and there's only so much toning & weight loss I can achieve before then. That always seems to happen to me...I leave myself months to achieve a target weight or size and then end up putting it off and putting it off until I panic right at the end.

Since living in our new house (17th Jan 2014) I have now lost 12lbs!
I'm over the moon and definitely want to keep losing slowly but steadily like I am at the moment.
I'd like to lose another stone before my holiday but its only 8 weeks now so that might be a little optimistic but half a stone is 100% do-able!

How have my fellow #bloggerswlw dolls been getting on?
I'd love to hear from you?