Thursday, 20 February 2014

MUA Liquid Eyeliner

Recently Ive definitely been experimenting with more MUA makeup having never really purchased much from the brand before and assuming that the low prices would mean poor quality.
Over the last couple of months I've tried their Undressed Pro Palette, Undress Mee Too eye palette, Professional Mosaic Blush, Eyeshadow trio & Lash Boom Mascara and have been really really impressed with every item.
Last week I picked up the MUA liquid eyeliner in Black.
It retails for just a pound....yes you read that correctly ONE POUND!!! And MUA is usually on 3 for 2 in most drugstores so this item would practically work out as free.
The bottle is pretty standard size for a drug store liquid eyeliner, on the small side and contains a little over 3ml of product. I really like the packaging MUA use for their products, sleek and simple with just the company MUA logo used I definitely think it makes the items look more expensive than they actually are.

To be honest on application I don't love this eyeliner. The brush provided is very thin and wispy so its difficult to draw a straight line to begin with. I imagine with a little practice a think brush could be a good thing because your accuracy would definitely improve and you could achieve really subtle looks but it just wasn't for me.
I don't tend to wear liquid eyeliner day to day so when I do wear it for nights out and such I want to go for quite a dramatic bold look and more often than not would be after a thick statement flick of eyeliner...which with a brush this small would take forever to build up to.
The colour is very black, I realise that sounds silly but so often I come across a product that claims to be black and just isn't pigmented enough for me. It was also pretty long-lasting and smudge proof, I didn't need to touch up all day.
At the end of the day this eyeliner is £1 so I really don't think you can expect miracles but with a better brush I really think I would have loved it.
For now I think I'll be trying MUA's extreme felt eyeliner and their Gel Eyeliner which looks like it has a chunkier brush to work with.
Have you tried any of the MUA eyeliner products?
What eyeliners do you recommend?