Sunday, 23 February 2014

Marley update - 12 weeks

Im sure ive mentioned maybe once twice okay ALOT that we recently got a gorgeous little Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy who we have called Marley.
Well he is rapidly becoming the total love of my life (sorry Grant!) and im definitely in danger of becoming the crazy dog lady, forever instagramming photos of our little moo.
Somehow time has flown by and he has now been with us for 4 whole weeks and is 12 weeks old today! At the same time i definitely cant imagine life without him anymore, im truly loving the little pitter patter of his feet when i get home from work everyday & that little tail wagging away excited to see me
Our little man cosy in his bed at 9 weeks

Someone gets very nosy whenever the camera comes out now

Having a rest at Auntie Jodie's....he isnt afraid to make himself
Someone is definitely going to get square eyes!! ha!

Weekly playdate with his best friend Jack - true puppy love!
It all got a bit much for Marley at my mum's house.
Am sure he won't fit on the arm of the sofa for long
Practising his butter wouldn't melt face
Chomping away on one of his ropes
Little Moo eats anything and everything!
He seems to have taken to his puppy food really well and happily gobbles it down now. He's meant to eat 4x a day but we find he doesnt always want it at set times so just leave a bowl down for him and let him much throughout the day. We came back from a friends for dinner one night this week and an entire roll of Peppa Pig wrapping paper had been massacred all over the dining room - and we thought it was out of reach! Cheeky monkey!
Marley has so so many toys but obviously his favourite things to play with are still slippers, toilet roll tubes, any bits of cardboard or paper he can find around the house. He has two cuddle soft toys that he goes to bed with Elly the elephant (obviously!) and Monkey and he really loves them. They seem to make perfect playmates during the day before he get sleepy and then perfect cushions at night time.
Marley is still too little to go for proper walks and had to have his last jab on Tuesday which was traumatic to say the least! He was much braver than the first time we had to visit the vets - that did not go well. Turns out he doesn't like being microchipped very much at all. Cant really blame him though, I dont think Id like having a big needle in the back of my neck either...poor little mite.
He can officially go out from Tuesday though so we're very excited to start taking him out and hopefully tiring him out everyday.
Our little man is having some problems in this department - hence mummy being over-tired, neglecting her blog and roaming around like a zombie most of the time.
Marley goes off to sleep fine at around 11 with us (he has a little corner of our room sectioned off just for him) and only wakes up once in the night to go to the toilet. This is still pretty normaly for his age and he actually should be waking for the toilet more so we certainly don't want to complain about that but after he has been out he just will not settle back down to sleep - under any circumstances, until he is allowed in the bed for cuddles of course!
This is proving ridiculously challenging and we're trying a few different things to get him to sleep through at the moment so I'll keep you updated, but fingers crossed we all get a solid nights sleep soon. Grant has been working night shifts as well so its double hard dealing with the sleepless nights and crying on my own - im looking forward to him being home more next week.
So that's pretty much it for now...
Have any of you had young puppies?
Any tips on training would be fabulous and very appreciated!
Hope you're having a great weekend