Friday, 28 February 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me

So everybody loves a Baby Lips lip balm right? Almost as soon as Maybelline released them over in the UK I was straight down to Boots to pick up Pink Punch. It was actually one of the first product reviews I ever wrote back in the summer when my blog was pretty new.
As my blog is coming up to 100 posts I thought what better time to revisit an old favourite, an oldie but a goodie... recently I picked up another shade of Baby Lips Cherry Me.

As you can probably guess from the name Cherry Me is a gorgeous deep red colour but still sheer and moisturising in its application. All Baby Lips products are just balms so don't give off a huge amount of colour but I've definitely found this shade to be more pigmented than the others I have tried.
Cherry Me smells absolutely devine, exactly like a punnet of fresh cherries, then sort of mixed with a general fruit punch at the same time. It's a little hard to explain but very sweet, fruity and a delight for the lips. One of those you can't help but lick your lips for sure!
The colour you can achieve with the balm is very buildable and I love how adaptable it is. A quick swipe on the lips is perfect for a subtle dash of colour but if you wanted a brighter lip to transform your look at night you could definitely achieve this with Cherry Me.
Like all Baby Lips balms Cherry Me is very moisturising and nourishes the lips perfectly.
I don't find it stays on my lips for very long but it's easy enough to pop in your pocket and reapply whenever necessary.
Have you tried any of the Baby Lips range?
What shades are your favourites?
I'd love to hear from you

Thursday, 27 February 2014


I'm really not sure what's the matter with me at the moment, I just haven't been able to find the time to blog as recently as I want to *boooo sniff sniff*

I definitely havent done a #bloggerswlw update for much longer than I should have, very very naughty of me. Soo here is my little update from the last couple of weeks, i know its technically Thursday now and not a Wednesday at all but this post was supposed to be scheduled for yesterday and if I don't upload it now im going to miss another week altogether!!.....

Although I haven't had time to post much recently I have made sure to keep up with my healthy eating (mostly ish). Don't get me wrong I've been letting myself have the odd treat and a takeaway once a fortnight but the days of daily visits to the vending machine are well & truly over.
A typical days eating has been:
Passion fruit & Mango porridge
Stir Fry, Chicken Salad or Chicken & Chorizo soup
Steak & veg or Chicken, sweet potato & veg

I've been allowing myself one naughty meal a week like a big fat portion of homemade cheesy lasagna or mexican (my total fave!).

Today I've finally got my butt back in the gym! Its been a long time coming and im annoyed with myself for not going for so long because now my holiday to Thailand is fast approaching and there's only so much toning & weight loss I can achieve before then. That always seems to happen to me...I leave myself months to achieve a target weight or size and then end up putting it off and putting it off until I panic right at the end.

Since living in our new house (17th Jan 2014) I have now lost 12lbs!
I'm over the moon and definitely want to keep losing slowly but steadily like I am at the moment.
I'd like to lose another stone before my holiday but its only 8 weeks now so that might be a little optimistic but half a stone is 100% do-able!

How have my fellow #bloggerswlw dolls been getting on?
I'd love to hear from you?

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Marley update - 12 weeks

Im sure ive mentioned maybe once twice okay ALOT that we recently got a gorgeous little Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy who we have called Marley.
Well he is rapidly becoming the total love of my life (sorry Grant!) and im definitely in danger of becoming the crazy dog lady, forever instagramming photos of our little moo.
Somehow time has flown by and he has now been with us for 4 whole weeks and is 12 weeks old today! At the same time i definitely cant imagine life without him anymore, im truly loving the little pitter patter of his feet when i get home from work everyday & that little tail wagging away excited to see me
Our little man cosy in his bed at 9 weeks

Someone gets very nosy whenever the camera comes out now

Having a rest at Auntie Jodie's....he isnt afraid to make himself
Someone is definitely going to get square eyes!! ha!

Weekly playdate with his best friend Jack - true puppy love!
It all got a bit much for Marley at my mum's house.
Am sure he won't fit on the arm of the sofa for long
Practising his butter wouldn't melt face
Chomping away on one of his ropes
Little Moo eats anything and everything!
He seems to have taken to his puppy food really well and happily gobbles it down now. He's meant to eat 4x a day but we find he doesnt always want it at set times so just leave a bowl down for him and let him much throughout the day. We came back from a friends for dinner one night this week and an entire roll of Peppa Pig wrapping paper had been massacred all over the dining room - and we thought it was out of reach! Cheeky monkey!
Marley has so so many toys but obviously his favourite things to play with are still slippers, toilet roll tubes, any bits of cardboard or paper he can find around the house. He has two cuddle soft toys that he goes to bed with Elly the elephant (obviously!) and Monkey and he really loves them. They seem to make perfect playmates during the day before he get sleepy and then perfect cushions at night time.
Marley is still too little to go for proper walks and had to have his last jab on Tuesday which was traumatic to say the least! He was much braver than the first time we had to visit the vets - that did not go well. Turns out he doesn't like being microchipped very much at all. Cant really blame him though, I dont think Id like having a big needle in the back of my neck either...poor little mite.
He can officially go out from Tuesday though so we're very excited to start taking him out and hopefully tiring him out everyday.
Our little man is having some problems in this department - hence mummy being over-tired, neglecting her blog and roaming around like a zombie most of the time.
Marley goes off to sleep fine at around 11 with us (he has a little corner of our room sectioned off just for him) and only wakes up once in the night to go to the toilet. This is still pretty normaly for his age and he actually should be waking for the toilet more so we certainly don't want to complain about that but after he has been out he just will not settle back down to sleep - under any circumstances, until he is allowed in the bed for cuddles of course!
This is proving ridiculously challenging and we're trying a few different things to get him to sleep through at the moment so I'll keep you updated, but fingers crossed we all get a solid nights sleep soon. Grant has been working night shifts as well so its double hard dealing with the sleepless nights and crying on my own - im looking forward to him being home more next week.
So that's pretty much it for now...
Have any of you had young puppies?
Any tips on training would be fabulous and very appreciated!
Hope you're having a great weekend

Friday, 21 February 2014

Bath & Bodyworks Anti-bacterial hand gel in Pink Lemonade

This isn't my first post about Bath & Bodyworks and Im sure it wont be my last! They are an American store that I absolutely love!!! I suppose the nearest we have to this in the UK would be The Body Shop maybe? But even that isnt really compareable.
Bath & Bodyworks just produces the most delicious scents and flavours imaginable, at the moment some of my favourites are Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut, Red Velvet Cupcake & Island Margarita yum yum yum!!
Image: google
One of the products most associated with Bath & Bodyworks (especially amongst Cabin Crew....there are tooo many germs up on those planes trust me!) are the PocketBac sanitising hand gels.
The latest one I've added to my collection is the gorgeous Pink Lemonade flavour

It really is unbelievable how much this little bottle can smell like Pink Lemonade, without actually being pink lemonade - lush!!
The bottle is really sweet & cute looking, bright pink and the actual liquid itself has little specks of glitter in it
Personally i think its absolutely impossible to go over to the States and not come back with hoards of Bath & Bodyworks products
Do you have any products from Bath & Bodyworks?
What are your favourite scents?

Thursday, 20 February 2014

MUA Liquid Eyeliner

Recently Ive definitely been experimenting with more MUA makeup having never really purchased much from the brand before and assuming that the low prices would mean poor quality.
Over the last couple of months I've tried their Undressed Pro Palette, Undress Mee Too eye palette, Professional Mosaic Blush, Eyeshadow trio & Lash Boom Mascara and have been really really impressed with every item.
Last week I picked up the MUA liquid eyeliner in Black.
It retails for just a pound....yes you read that correctly ONE POUND!!! And MUA is usually on 3 for 2 in most drugstores so this item would practically work out as free.
The bottle is pretty standard size for a drug store liquid eyeliner, on the small side and contains a little over 3ml of product. I really like the packaging MUA use for their products, sleek and simple with just the company MUA logo used I definitely think it makes the items look more expensive than they actually are.

To be honest on application I don't love this eyeliner. The brush provided is very thin and wispy so its difficult to draw a straight line to begin with. I imagine with a little practice a think brush could be a good thing because your accuracy would definitely improve and you could achieve really subtle looks but it just wasn't for me.
I don't tend to wear liquid eyeliner day to day so when I do wear it for nights out and such I want to go for quite a dramatic bold look and more often than not would be after a thick statement flick of eyeliner...which with a brush this small would take forever to build up to.
The colour is very black, I realise that sounds silly but so often I come across a product that claims to be black and just isn't pigmented enough for me. It was also pretty long-lasting and smudge proof, I didn't need to touch up all day.
At the end of the day this eyeliner is £1 so I really don't think you can expect miracles but with a better brush I really think I would have loved it.
For now I think I'll be trying MUA's extreme felt eyeliner and their Gel Eyeliner which looks like it has a chunkier brush to work with.
Have you tried any of the MUA eyeliner products?
What eyeliners do you recommend?

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Valentines catchup ❤❤

My lack of blogging has definitely become a little bit ridiculous these past couple of be honest im not sure what has happened! I found out last minute that I had a very exciting job interview last Mondy so I've been pretty hectic trying to balance preparing for that, looking after our little puppy and still trying to settle in and sort out our new house.....eeek chaos!
So here's a little update of what I've been up to this last week....
My gorgeous Valentines roses ❤

A chilled out afternoon with Marley.....lets just say we've had a lot
of sleepless nights recently *zzz zz z zz*
Valentines NOTD - got to be done
Our gorgeous boy is getting big now...11 weeks last Sunday

Interview attire, eeeeek fingers crossed
What have you all been up to?
I'd love to hear from you as always

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Models Own Hypergel nail polishes

Last week I was over the moon to see Models Own had a massive 50% off sale to celebrate getting to 250,000 likes on Facebook. Obviously it would be rude not to take full advantage of this so i definitely stocked up on a few bits i've been dying to get my hands on for a while.
Two of these were from their new Hypergel range which as you can probably guess is Models Own's take on the popular gel-look-but-without-the-UV-lamp manicure. All polishes from the Hypergel range claim to be highly pigmented, long lasting and chip resistant. They provide a gel-like finish which gives the professional shine of a salon manicure.
I purchase two of the shades that I was instantly drawn to: Pink Veneer and Cornflour Gleam.
Both of these are gorgeous pastels which will be perfect to wear throughout the Spring months. Pink Veneer is a gorgeous baby pink but still surprisingly opaque with just one coat and Cornflour Gleam is a lush pastel blue/purple.

Generally I'm a big fan of all "gel-type" nail polishes, I mean who doesn't want longer lasting nail polish without having to sit under a UV lamp? The Hypergel formula has a lovely consistency and is really easy to apply in just a couple of strokes. I definitely think the polishes are opaque enough to get away with one coat - but as Pink Veneer is quite a pale colour I did apply another coat to deepen the colour slightly - it was 100% after just one though.

Swatches are two coats of polish
Hypergel does remind me a lot of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes which I am a big fan of but my only moan would be that as the polish is slightly thicker than a usual nail polish, which I understand is necessary to get the gel-like finish, they do tend to take a little lot longer to dry than a normal nail polish would.....however Models Own do seem to have avoided this. Hypergel takes a teeeny bit longer to dry than a normal polish but overall I was totally dry within minutes and really impressed.
You can see the incredible shine from my swatches above - winner!

There are currently 10 shades in the Hypergel collection and you can find them online here
All these shades are truely lovely and very spring/summer appropraite but I hoping Models Own will launch some darker shades for later on in the year when I find myself reaching for a vampier nail colour.
These retail at £5 each but at the moment Models Own have a 50% sale when you spend over £25 online so mine only worked out at £2.50 each which is a total bargain.

Do you own any of the Hypergel range?
Which colours are you hearting?
I'd love to hear from you as always