Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Evening dolls,
This week I'm going to talk about the importance of not skipping meals or starving your body when it comes to dieting.
You might have seen on my Instagram or heard me mention that we got a gorgeous teeny puppy at the weekend and I know it sounds silly but I really do feel like I have a human baby because he depends on me so much. Don't get me wrong I am absolutely besotted with little Marley and wouldn't have it any other way now but take the first day I was left alone with him...I barely ate a thing all day because I couldn't physically leave him to go and prepare myself something. He would either cry or start terrorising the house - our new rug and electric cables being his favourite chew toys obviously - I finally sat down and had my breakfast porridge at about 5pm while he was asleep. Definitely not ideal!

Even before Marley I have to admit I am definitely guilty of skipping meals left right and centre. Sometimes I just won't feel hungry so I just won't eat but then of course later on I'll probably feel like I need to stuff my face to make up for it.
We all know how bad it is for you and how it will mess with our metabolism and cause our body to store fat as it thinks it in starvation mode, but sometimes it seems like I miss meals or grab the wrong kind of food a little too often.

Here are my top tips for trying to not miss meals & stay prepared:

1) Most important in my opinion....plan, plan and plan some more. If you work out your meal plan for the week ahead of time you'll be much less likely to want to deviate from it and buy something unnecessary. Plus you save a bundle on food shopping by planning meals and only buying what you need!

2) Try to identify why you skip meals, then you should be able to prevent it more easily. Don't have time for breakfast? Keep some easy go-to breakfast bars in your desk at work. Don't feel hungry by midday for lunch? Try eating a little later. Too busy to cook a proper dinner? Bulk cook and freeze portions so they can easily be defrosted in a short amount of time to create an easy trouble-free dinner.

3) Try to get in a routine of eating at certain times of the day. Your body will get used to it and become hungrier than usual at these times.

4) Eat little & often. I know it's such a cliche and we read it in all the magazines but it really does help. Eating 6 small meals a day will be much easier to manage on those days when you "don't fancy a big dinner"

5) Have a supply of quick fire snacks in your handbag at all times. Fruit, nuts, cereal bars..anything fuss free that you can grab quickly on the go if you need to

So there you have it my top tips to ensure you eat what you're meant to, when you're meant to.

Do you have trouble sticking to your 3 meals a day?
What effects has skipping meals had on your weight loss?
I'd love to hear from uou