Wednesday, 22 January 2014


So again i feel like a really naughty school girl skiving off but i really havent been able to focus all my attentions on weight loss and working out because we moved house on Friday. Unfortunately that meant that last Wednesday and Thursday was spent manically packing all the last minute bits and bobs we had forgotten, Friday was a crazy day of lifting, packing, driving vans and unpacking and ever since I've either been exhausted (I swear a day in the life of a removal man - we did everything ourselves - is as good a workout as any of my hour long treadmill sessions! I've never ached so much in my whole life!!), or unpacking things like a crazy person trying to make our new house as homely as possible, as quickly as possible.

My Asda food shopping delivery is coming on Saturday so I definitely have a healthy eating plan for Sun-nextWLW so hopefully I will have some good news and results to share with you all. I frustrate myself a lot of the time because I definitely know the right foods that i should be eating, I just get bored when I don't see results quickly and am easily tempted to stray...but this is how i intend to try and eat for the foreseeable:
- Porridge with fruit
 - Poached Eggs on 1 slice of bread
- Fruit smoothie with almond milk
Soup with crispbreads
Prawn/salmon/chicken salad
Stir fry
Steak/chicken/fish with vegetables & sweet potato
an Omlette
Bolognese stuffed peppers
Carrots/peppers/cucumber with houmous
Nuts & fruit
I'm definitely going to allow myself 1 cheat day a week where i eat anything i want because that definitely helps me stay on the wagon. Its nice knowing you're only ever 6 days away from something scrummy if you want to.
Plus I'm definitely going to find my trainers and gym kit amongst all the packed boxes so I can get back in the gym next week. Im lucky enough to have a gym in the basement where I work and membership is cheap so I want to take full advantage and try to work out everyday at lunchtime.
Plus very very exciting new, we are picking up our 8 week old spaniel puppy on Saturday - words cannot even express my excitement, i seriously feel like im becoming a mother or something!! - so as soon as he has had his jabs I'll be out dog walking everyday so thats got to be a good thing too.

Total Weight Loss: 3lbs
How have you been getting on?
Drop me a comment or tweet and let me know, I'd love to hear from you