Wednesday, 15 January 2014


As some of you might know i am taking part in the Bloggers Weight Loss Wednesdays group created by the lovely Jennifer so each week, as you can probably guess, on a Wednesday i will be posting about something 'weight loss' related.
Now i started a little late so im going to write about last week rather than this week (if that makes sense?) plus we are moving house this week so my eating has been pretty all over the place. We're trying to eat up all the leftover food in the cupboards and freezer so we don't have to take as much with us so that hasn't always meant healthy choices *gulp guilt kicks in*....but i will still update my weight loss (or gain) for this week as well.
Last week again partly to save doing a food shop before we moved, partly to kickstart my weight loss for the year, I turned to my trusty Slim Fast. When I mentioned this on the #bloggersWLW chat a lot of people were interested in what exactly it involves and were asking me questions so I thought i would post some more details.
The current Slim Fast plan is based on a 3-2-1 approach, meaning you can have 3 snacks of around 100 calories, 2 Slim Fast meal products (these can be in the form of a shake or meal bar) and 1 balanced meal of 600 calories (800 for men). And thats it! It really is as simple as that!! If you stick to it you will lose weight. Slim Fast also recommend you drink at least 2 litres of water a day and exercise moderately but to be honest those two should sort of go without saying if you're serious about losing weight.
I say Slim Fast's current plan because it has changed in the last 5 years or so, snacks never used to be included so I don't tend to eat them as I know I get results without so in my opinion I don't think you need the extra calories but it's nice to have the option if you get peckish.
A lot of people I speak to are pretty negative about Slim Fast saying that drinking milkshakes instead of eating can't be good for you but that simply isn't true. Each shake contains approx. 230 calories and all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs for the day so you really don't miss out on anything. And if your diet is particularly bad to begin with then you are probably getting more nutritional goodness than you are used to.
I personally don't get on with the Slim Fast meal bars but they do some really delicious flavours, chocolate crunch, peanut & berry and I think these would be great if you're one of those people who actually miss physically chewing and eating. I tend to stick with the shakes which you can buy in bottles pre-made or in powder form and mix with skimmed milk. I also like to have my Slim Fast shakes for breakfast and lunch and then look forward to a proper dinner when i get in from work but again its fab that you can be flexible and mix your meals around as long as you stick to the basic rules.
My eating this week has pretty much consisted of something like this:
Breakfast: Slim Fast chocolate shake powder made up with 250ml of skimmed milk
Lunch: Slim Fast bottled Raspberry smoothie shake
Dinner: Chicken some sort of sauce, a little rice and vegetables or a small pasta dinner.
I do tend to keep my evening meals the same as something I would eat normally. 600 calories does mean you can eat most things apart from takeaways and sometimes i let myself go over the calorie allowance slightly as i dont usually have snacks during the day.
Weight Loss last week: 3lbs
Weigth Loss this week: 0lbs
Total Weight loss so far: 3lbs
Next week I'd like to do better with my workouts, these have been suffering this week as with all our packing to move house I couldn't find my trainers *boooo*
How are you all getting on girls?
I'd love to hear from you below?