Friday, 17 January 2014

Yankee Medium Candle in Cinnamon Stick

Introducing my new favourite fragrance (in candles obviously)......Cinnamon Stick
I received this beautiful Yankee candle jar for Christmas and have been burning it ever since. Cinnamon type scents are definitely one of my favourite and always remind me of winter time and put me in a Christmassy mood - maybe a little unecessary in January but hey? Who says you can't love cinnamon all year round?
The Yankee Cinnamon stick candle is a lovely deep red colour (which just so happens to go perfectly with the decor in our flat at the moment!) and as you would expect smells exactly like a cinnamon stick with hints of cloves. If you like the smell of cinnamon you really will love this candle, it really is so luxurious & rich smelly but without being sickly at all. Whenever we've been burning this you can smell the cinnamon for a good few days lingering around our flat - which is a big perk for me.
The medium Yankee candles have a burn time of approx 65-90 hours which believe me seems like forever. This particular scent currently retails at £16.99
Do you own any Yankee candles?
What are your favourite scents?