Friday, 24 January 2014

One Direction Sunkissed Bronzer

Im not even ashamed that i am in fact a bit of a One Direction superfan!.....okay overestimate, maybe "superfan" isnt the right word after seeing the 1D film (have you seen how crazy their fans are?) but i do generally really like the band and their music.

As one of my many lovely Christmas presents from my mum & dad I received the One Direction Sunkissed Bronzer which I guess is a gimicky but cute bronzer set that Superdrug make each year (last year I received the exact same one but TOWIE themed so I did know what to expect). I assume this is a specially manufactured set for the Christmas period and One Direction's name is just added onto it rather than the official One Direction line of makeup with MUA.

In the box you get a very large bronzer trio - like seriously large, I'm not sure how to even describe it, think the size of your hand - and a cute little applicator brush.
Considering this set is probably aimed for little girls and is relatively cheap it's actually not too bad. I remember being upset when my TOWIE version of the same bronzer smashed last year because I had become rather attached to the darker shade of bronzer for contouring.
The trio consists of one gold based highlighter and two bronzers, one mid tone and one darker. The highlighter has a gorgeous shimmer to it which I love (although I know some people aren't a fan of shimmery products) and really does brighten up my face. It also makes a perfect shade for the inner corner of your eye to open up your eyes and make them appear bigger.
If i'm honest both bronzers are on the orange side but i do find them a pretty good match for when i'm fake tanned and my bronzer isn't dark enough. Definitely realised I've just made myself sound like an oompa loompa but I promise I'm not *hang head in shame* haha

The brush that comes in the set obviously isn't going to be the best but it's really small and cute and fits nicely in my makeup bag for emergencies. The star detailling makes it a little bit different and again probably more attractive to younger buyers. It doesn't seem to shred in particularly and is very soft so all in all it's not my favourite bronzer brush but it definitely does the job.
You can find this set exclusively in Superdrug and it was originally £8 but has gone down to £4.99 in the sale. I definitely think it's a must have for any Directioners
Have you tried any of the gimicky makeup sets over Christmas?