Monday, 13 January 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Happy Monday dolls! Today i've got a little product review for you...the majorly hyped Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser or to me and you primer!
I'm not usually one to wear primer every single day as i always end up feeling a little product heavy because i always like to have my full coverage foundation on. But i do love the feel of primer and the flawless look that can be achieved by using it so actually listening to myself i think maybe i should try wearing primer more often. At the moment i definitely do find myself just saving primer for nights out when i want my makeup to be ultra long lasting

I know a lot of people are put off by the colour of Baby Skin - that it is clear - and most people on the bloggers circuit seem to prefer a cream or tinted primer but I'm definitely not in that category. I definitely usually reach for the clear primers, maybe because I like to wear them mostly under my foundation so the shade of my foundation doesn't get altered at all, whereas I've always noticed a cream primer lightens my overall face, similarly to mixing moisturiser with foundation - and if that was the effect i was after i would just mix moisuriser with foundation and save my money!
Baby skin has a good size nozzle which ensures you don't squeeze out any more product than you need which is definitely a good thing. I think sometimes with pump applicators you do end up wasting a lot. A little really does go a long long way with this product! A teeny little blob does my whole face and more.
I have to say the biggest thing i noticed about Baby skin is how greasy the formula seems to be. I was really shocked because it comes out the tube lovely, thick and gloopy but as soon as you blend it the feeling is a little bit gross and you end up with greasy residue on your fingertips for ages if you use your fingers. I love Benefit porefessional but fine i accept you get what you pay for and Baby Skin is only a third of the price but this product just didn't seem to sink into my skin very well at all. Maybelline recommend you wait until Baby Skin has completely set before applying any other products on top but i feel like i would be waiting literally forever! And i don't even have particularly greasy skin, maybe slightly around my t-zone but nothing to complain about so if you do suffer with greasy skin i really can't imagine this product doing anything for you.
Maybelline also claim that if you use Baby Skin on its own your pores will appear significantly reduced. I'm afraid I really don't agree with this at all! Baby Skin is a clear primer and unfortunately just that clear so as you can imagine your pores are definitely still visible underneath the product. I really don't think a primer can achieve pore reduction without being used as a base for foundation or being tinted to begin with. On its own this product simply isn't enough.
My advice: Under foundation this primer does a fair job, definitely does lengthen the time my face stays put and does give a pretty flawless finish but i personally don't like the consistency of it.
Save your pennies and splash out on Benefit's porefessional or for a couple of pound more try my favourite drugstore primer GOSH Velvet touch foundation primer in clear, cream or tint. It is very very similar to Baby Skin but without the greasy feel and leaves a lovely satin silky finish rather than  slimey one.
You can find Baby Skin at all Maybelline counters and online at Boots. It retails at £7.99
Will you be giving Baby Skin a go?
How did you get on with this product?
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