Thursday, 2 January 2014

MAC eyeshadow in Crystal

Soo way back when i was just a little nipper... one of the first MAC products i purchased (after discovering my life-saving Studio Fix Fluid of course!) was an eyeshadow called Crystal Frost.
Dont ask me what drew me to this particular shade because i couldnt tell you. I remember ordering online because we didnt have a MAC counter where I live at that point and i didnt yet drive so couldnt get to one easily. I think i must have been going through my super girly 'everything must be pink' phase. Dont get me wrong i am still very girly and love anything that shimmers and sparkles but i would definitely go for a more day-to-day neutral shade these days.

In the pan Crystal Frost appears a slightly dull dusky lavender/grey but on application it really does shine. My photos are definitely not doing this shade any favours but it really is beautiful and shimmery. The purple pigment doesn't translate to the eyelid all that well, which isnt a bad thing (im not sure how often id reach for bright purple eyeshadow to be honest anyway) but instead you are left with a really subtle shimmer that is really buildable and blendable to get the exact tone you are after.

As always with MAC the quality is fantastic, longevity amazing and although pricey one eyeshadow does seem to last me forever!
I think if you're looking for a shade that is a little out of your comfort zone, like i obviously was, and a little different from all the smokey eye or neutral colours but at the same time not too bold and scary Crystal is the perfect candidate.

You can find Crystal Frost and all other MAC eyeshadows online here or at any MAC counter.
They retail at £12.50

Do you own any MAC eyeshadows?
Which shades would you recommend?