Tuesday, 28 January 2014

No more sensitive teeth whitening?...Yes please!

During my brief stint working as a Receptionist in a private dental practice it definitely became obvious to me that one of the main concerns people have when having their teeth whitened is sensitivity.
Due to the level of peroxide used in teeth whitening procedures there is a strong chance that you could suffer with sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures following any treatment. Of course “beauty is pain” and all that so the majority of us have been happy to suffer in silence to achieve the dazzling Hollywood smile that we see in magazines and on TV each week. Usually any sensitivity tends to last no more than 48hours but obviously is still uncomfortable and now unnecessary!
In 2012 European Laws changed to help regulate the percentage of peroxide that could be used in teeth whitening procedures following huge amounts of patients complaining of the level of sensitivity they experienced. According to EU Law the level of peroxide to be used for the cosmetic purpose of teeth whitening is now 6% with 0% recommended for non-dentists.
A brand new ZERO peroxide treatment has been discovered by the wonderful people at The Dublin Vitality Center and promises results just as sparkling and their peroxide predecessor. The newer treatments are carried out by fully qualified dental nurses and promise to achieve the same outstanding results but with no sensitivity at all because no peroxide is used.
This new zero peroxide alternative is called Sodium Perborate and is in high demand after patients realising they no longer need to endure the shooting pains that were previously associated with teeth whitening. 
In a recent survey carried out on The Consumer Show a panel of customers compared the results of peroxide and peroxide-free teeth whitening and all results showed the two were very very similar. Most importantly all consumers confirmed they did not feel any sensitivity (either long or short term) with the non-peroxide treatment! 
I don’t know about you but non-peroxide teeth whitening is definitely something I will be looking into in the near future 
For more information on ZERO Peroxide Teeth Whitening you can go to www.laserteethwhiteningdublin.com
Do you have your teeth whitened?
Have you suffered with sensitivity?
Would you like to try non-peroxide teeth whitening?
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