Sunday, 19 January 2014

My tips for staying sane & moving house...

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram youll probably have heard me mention that on Friday we moved house! I'm so happy and relieved that the big move is finally over...don't get me wrong i really adore our new little cottage (pretty photo heavy post to follow im sure) but moving and packing everything up had been majorly stressing me out! I think i really underestimated quite how stressful moving house can be, they say the three most stressful things to go through in life are death, divorce and moving house and I can definitely understand why.

All of a sudden i found myself bickering with the boyfriend, anxious and unable to sleep at night because my brain was ticking over all the things i'd forgotten to do.
So here's my guide of things to consider when you're moving house, I wish I'd had a list to follow and check off as I went along, rather than creating my own which was probably missing things to begin hopefully this will help somebody else one day:

1 month before move date
 - arrange to get rid of any belonging you won't be taking with you. Boot sales, eBay, friends & family...that sort of thing
- ask around to see if any friend or family will be around on your move date to help if need be
- finalise your move date and time so you can start booking removals etc..
- book removals or van hire if required...they tend to book up quickly.
- arrange any pet or child care for the move date
- start packing non-essential items and out of season clothes (anything you can live without for the next few weeks)
- start eating your way through any freezer food or tins in the cupboard that you don't want to take with you
- if renting like we were make sure you don't forget to give your landlord notice you are moving out. most places are standard 1 month notice.

1 week before move date
- begin to contact any relevant companies to tell them you are changing address - there are so many more than you think. Got a holiday booked? You need to remember to change the address so your tickets don't get sent to the wrong place! Bought tickets to see Justin Timberlake in April? Again need to change that! I've found so many little things that i keep forgetting *oooops*
- finish packing & have everything boxed up ready to go - much easier said than done
- colour code or label all your boxes - i really wish id done more of this because now i have to go through every single box just to find that one candle i must burn right now
- defrost the freezer & clean the fridge
- wash & dry all dirty laundry so it can be packed away as well

1 day before move date
- do a final sweep of the house to make sure nothing has been left - including all cupboards & drawers
- strip/dismantle the bed and pack any bedding that has been left
- confirm any appointments to collect keys
- turn off all electricty, gas & water and take final meter readings

So there you have it! My helpful (i hope?) hints and tips to consider when you're preparing to move house, to make the whole thing as stress free as possible.

Have you moved house in the last couple of years?
Did you find it overly stressful?
I'd love to hear from you