Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Evening dolls,
This week I'm going to talk about the importance of not skipping meals or starving your body when it comes to dieting.
You might have seen on my Instagram or heard me mention that we got a gorgeous teeny puppy at the weekend and I know it sounds silly but I really do feel like I have a human baby because he depends on me so much. Don't get me wrong I am absolutely besotted with little Marley and wouldn't have it any other way now but take the first day I was left alone with him...I barely ate a thing all day because I couldn't physically leave him to go and prepare myself something. He would either cry or start terrorising the house - our new rug and electric cables being his favourite chew toys obviously - I finally sat down and had my breakfast porridge at about 5pm while he was asleep. Definitely not ideal!

Even before Marley I have to admit I am definitely guilty of skipping meals left right and centre. Sometimes I just won't feel hungry so I just won't eat but then of course later on I'll probably feel like I need to stuff my face to make up for it.
We all know how bad it is for you and how it will mess with our metabolism and cause our body to store fat as it thinks it in starvation mode, but sometimes it seems like I miss meals or grab the wrong kind of food a little too often.

Here are my top tips for trying to not miss meals & stay prepared:

1) Most important in my opinion....plan, plan and plan some more. If you work out your meal plan for the week ahead of time you'll be much less likely to want to deviate from it and buy something unnecessary. Plus you save a bundle on food shopping by planning meals and only buying what you need!

2) Try to identify why you skip meals, then you should be able to prevent it more easily. Don't have time for breakfast? Keep some easy go-to breakfast bars in your desk at work. Don't feel hungry by midday for lunch? Try eating a little later. Too busy to cook a proper dinner? Bulk cook and freeze portions so they can easily be defrosted in a short amount of time to create an easy trouble-free dinner.

3) Try to get in a routine of eating at certain times of the day. Your body will get used to it and become hungrier than usual at these times.

4) Eat little & often. I know it's such a cliche and we read it in all the magazines but it really does help. Eating 6 small meals a day will be much easier to manage on those days when you "don't fancy a big dinner"

5) Have a supply of quick fire snacks in your handbag at all times. Fruit, nuts, cereal bars..anything fuss free that you can grab quickly on the go if you need to

So there you have it my top tips to ensure you eat what you're meant to, when you're meant to.

Do you have trouble sticking to your 3 meals a day?
What effects has skipping meals had on your weight loss?
I'd love to hear from uou

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

No more sensitive teeth whitening?...Yes please!

During my brief stint working as a Receptionist in a private dental practice it definitely became obvious to me that one of the main concerns people have when having their teeth whitened is sensitivity.
Due to the level of peroxide used in teeth whitening procedures there is a strong chance that you could suffer with sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures following any treatment. Of course “beauty is pain” and all that so the majority of us have been happy to suffer in silence to achieve the dazzling Hollywood smile that we see in magazines and on TV each week. Usually any sensitivity tends to last no more than 48hours but obviously is still uncomfortable and now unnecessary!
In 2012 European Laws changed to help regulate the percentage of peroxide that could be used in teeth whitening procedures following huge amounts of patients complaining of the level of sensitivity they experienced. According to EU Law the level of peroxide to be used for the cosmetic purpose of teeth whitening is now 6% with 0% recommended for non-dentists.
A brand new ZERO peroxide treatment has been discovered by the wonderful people at The Dublin Vitality Center and promises results just as sparkling and their peroxide predecessor. The newer treatments are carried out by fully qualified dental nurses and promise to achieve the same outstanding results but with no sensitivity at all because no peroxide is used.
This new zero peroxide alternative is called Sodium Perborate and is in high demand after patients realising they no longer need to endure the shooting pains that were previously associated with teeth whitening. 
In a recent survey carried out on The Consumer Show a panel of customers compared the results of peroxide and peroxide-free teeth whitening and all results showed the two were very very similar. Most importantly all consumers confirmed they did not feel any sensitivity (either long or short term) with the non-peroxide treatment! 
I don’t know about you but non-peroxide teeth whitening is definitely something I will be looking into in the near future 
For more information on ZERO Peroxide Teeth Whitening you can go to
Do you have your teeth whitened?
Have you suffered with sensitivity?
Would you like to try non-peroxide teeth whitening?
I’d love to hear from you
*this is a sponsored post*

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Introducing Marley.....

So yesterday was a very exciting day in my house...we finally picked up our gorgeous little Cavalier King Charles spaniel Marley!!

(Please excuse the state of me, we had a very messy very late night on Friday & woke up late so I had ZILCH time for hair or makeup...luckily Marley didn't seem to mind)

I am absolutely besotted already and he has been an absolute dream so far. Such a good little boy!

Hope you're all having a fab weekend

Friday, 24 January 2014

One Direction Sunkissed Bronzer

Im not even ashamed that i am in fact a bit of a One Direction superfan!.....okay overestimate, maybe "superfan" isnt the right word after seeing the 1D film (have you seen how crazy their fans are?) but i do generally really like the band and their music.

As one of my many lovely Christmas presents from my mum & dad I received the One Direction Sunkissed Bronzer which I guess is a gimicky but cute bronzer set that Superdrug make each year (last year I received the exact same one but TOWIE themed so I did know what to expect). I assume this is a specially manufactured set for the Christmas period and One Direction's name is just added onto it rather than the official One Direction line of makeup with MUA.

In the box you get a very large bronzer trio - like seriously large, I'm not sure how to even describe it, think the size of your hand - and a cute little applicator brush.
Considering this set is probably aimed for little girls and is relatively cheap it's actually not too bad. I remember being upset when my TOWIE version of the same bronzer smashed last year because I had become rather attached to the darker shade of bronzer for contouring.
The trio consists of one gold based highlighter and two bronzers, one mid tone and one darker. The highlighter has a gorgeous shimmer to it which I love (although I know some people aren't a fan of shimmery products) and really does brighten up my face. It also makes a perfect shade for the inner corner of your eye to open up your eyes and make them appear bigger.
If i'm honest both bronzers are on the orange side but i do find them a pretty good match for when i'm fake tanned and my bronzer isn't dark enough. Definitely realised I've just made myself sound like an oompa loompa but I promise I'm not *hang head in shame* haha

The brush that comes in the set obviously isn't going to be the best but it's really small and cute and fits nicely in my makeup bag for emergencies. The star detailling makes it a little bit different and again probably more attractive to younger buyers. It doesn't seem to shred in particularly and is very soft so all in all it's not my favourite bronzer brush but it definitely does the job.
You can find this set exclusively in Superdrug and it was originally £8 but has gone down to £4.99 in the sale. I definitely think it's a must have for any Directioners
Have you tried any of the gimicky makeup sets over Christmas?

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


So again i feel like a really naughty school girl skiving off but i really havent been able to focus all my attentions on weight loss and working out because we moved house on Friday. Unfortunately that meant that last Wednesday and Thursday was spent manically packing all the last minute bits and bobs we had forgotten, Friday was a crazy day of lifting, packing, driving vans and unpacking and ever since I've either been exhausted (I swear a day in the life of a removal man - we did everything ourselves - is as good a workout as any of my hour long treadmill sessions! I've never ached so much in my whole life!!), or unpacking things like a crazy person trying to make our new house as homely as possible, as quickly as possible.

My Asda food shopping delivery is coming on Saturday so I definitely have a healthy eating plan for Sun-nextWLW so hopefully I will have some good news and results to share with you all. I frustrate myself a lot of the time because I definitely know the right foods that i should be eating, I just get bored when I don't see results quickly and am easily tempted to stray...but this is how i intend to try and eat for the foreseeable:
- Porridge with fruit
 - Poached Eggs on 1 slice of bread
- Fruit smoothie with almond milk
Soup with crispbreads
Prawn/salmon/chicken salad
Stir fry
Steak/chicken/fish with vegetables & sweet potato
an Omlette
Bolognese stuffed peppers
Carrots/peppers/cucumber with houmous
Nuts & fruit
I'm definitely going to allow myself 1 cheat day a week where i eat anything i want because that definitely helps me stay on the wagon. Its nice knowing you're only ever 6 days away from something scrummy if you want to.
Plus I'm definitely going to find my trainers and gym kit amongst all the packed boxes so I can get back in the gym next week. Im lucky enough to have a gym in the basement where I work and membership is cheap so I want to take full advantage and try to work out everyday at lunchtime.
Plus very very exciting new, we are picking up our 8 week old spaniel puppy on Saturday - words cannot even express my excitement, i seriously feel like im becoming a mother or something!! - so as soon as he has had his jabs I'll be out dog walking everyday so thats got to be a good thing too.

Total Weight Loss: 3lbs
How have you been getting on?
Drop me a comment or tweet and let me know, I'd love to hear from you

Sunday, 19 January 2014

My tips for staying sane & moving house...

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram youll probably have heard me mention that on Friday we moved house! I'm so happy and relieved that the big move is finally over...don't get me wrong i really adore our new little cottage (pretty photo heavy post to follow im sure) but moving and packing everything up had been majorly stressing me out! I think i really underestimated quite how stressful moving house can be, they say the three most stressful things to go through in life are death, divorce and moving house and I can definitely understand why.

All of a sudden i found myself bickering with the boyfriend, anxious and unable to sleep at night because my brain was ticking over all the things i'd forgotten to do.
So here's my guide of things to consider when you're moving house, I wish I'd had a list to follow and check off as I went along, rather than creating my own which was probably missing things to begin hopefully this will help somebody else one day:

1 month before move date
 - arrange to get rid of any belonging you won't be taking with you. Boot sales, eBay, friends & family...that sort of thing
- ask around to see if any friend or family will be around on your move date to help if need be
- finalise your move date and time so you can start booking removals etc..
- book removals or van hire if required...they tend to book up quickly.
- arrange any pet or child care for the move date
- start packing non-essential items and out of season clothes (anything you can live without for the next few weeks)
- start eating your way through any freezer food or tins in the cupboard that you don't want to take with you
- if renting like we were make sure you don't forget to give your landlord notice you are moving out. most places are standard 1 month notice.

1 week before move date
- begin to contact any relevant companies to tell them you are changing address - there are so many more than you think. Got a holiday booked? You need to remember to change the address so your tickets don't get sent to the wrong place! Bought tickets to see Justin Timberlake in April? Again need to change that! I've found so many little things that i keep forgetting *oooops*
- finish packing & have everything boxed up ready to go - much easier said than done
- colour code or label all your boxes - i really wish id done more of this because now i have to go through every single box just to find that one candle i must burn right now
- defrost the freezer & clean the fridge
- wash & dry all dirty laundry so it can be packed away as well

1 day before move date
- do a final sweep of the house to make sure nothing has been left - including all cupboards & drawers
- strip/dismantle the bed and pack any bedding that has been left
- confirm any appointments to collect keys
- turn off all electricty, gas & water and take final meter readings

So there you have it! My helpful (i hope?) hints and tips to consider when you're preparing to move house, to make the whole thing as stress free as possible.

Have you moved house in the last couple of years?
Did you find it overly stressful?
I'd love to hear from you

Friday, 17 January 2014

Yankee Medium Candle in Cinnamon Stick

Introducing my new favourite fragrance (in candles obviously)......Cinnamon Stick
I received this beautiful Yankee candle jar for Christmas and have been burning it ever since. Cinnamon type scents are definitely one of my favourite and always remind me of winter time and put me in a Christmassy mood - maybe a little unecessary in January but hey? Who says you can't love cinnamon all year round?
The Yankee Cinnamon stick candle is a lovely deep red colour (which just so happens to go perfectly with the decor in our flat at the moment!) and as you would expect smells exactly like a cinnamon stick with hints of cloves. If you like the smell of cinnamon you really will love this candle, it really is so luxurious & rich smelly but without being sickly at all. Whenever we've been burning this you can smell the cinnamon for a good few days lingering around our flat - which is a big perk for me.
The medium Yankee candles have a burn time of approx 65-90 hours which believe me seems like forever. This particular scent currently retails at £16.99
Do you own any Yankee candles?
What are your favourite scents?

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


As some of you might know i am taking part in the Bloggers Weight Loss Wednesdays group created by the lovely Jennifer so each week, as you can probably guess, on a Wednesday i will be posting about something 'weight loss' related.
Now i started a little late so im going to write about last week rather than this week (if that makes sense?) plus we are moving house this week so my eating has been pretty all over the place. We're trying to eat up all the leftover food in the cupboards and freezer so we don't have to take as much with us so that hasn't always meant healthy choices *gulp guilt kicks in*....but i will still update my weight loss (or gain) for this week as well.
Last week again partly to save doing a food shop before we moved, partly to kickstart my weight loss for the year, I turned to my trusty Slim Fast. When I mentioned this on the #bloggersWLW chat a lot of people were interested in what exactly it involves and were asking me questions so I thought i would post some more details.
The current Slim Fast plan is based on a 3-2-1 approach, meaning you can have 3 snacks of around 100 calories, 2 Slim Fast meal products (these can be in the form of a shake or meal bar) and 1 balanced meal of 600 calories (800 for men). And thats it! It really is as simple as that!! If you stick to it you will lose weight. Slim Fast also recommend you drink at least 2 litres of water a day and exercise moderately but to be honest those two should sort of go without saying if you're serious about losing weight.
I say Slim Fast's current plan because it has changed in the last 5 years or so, snacks never used to be included so I don't tend to eat them as I know I get results without so in my opinion I don't think you need the extra calories but it's nice to have the option if you get peckish.
A lot of people I speak to are pretty negative about Slim Fast saying that drinking milkshakes instead of eating can't be good for you but that simply isn't true. Each shake contains approx. 230 calories and all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs for the day so you really don't miss out on anything. And if your diet is particularly bad to begin with then you are probably getting more nutritional goodness than you are used to.
I personally don't get on with the Slim Fast meal bars but they do some really delicious flavours, chocolate crunch, peanut & berry and I think these would be great if you're one of those people who actually miss physically chewing and eating. I tend to stick with the shakes which you can buy in bottles pre-made or in powder form and mix with skimmed milk. I also like to have my Slim Fast shakes for breakfast and lunch and then look forward to a proper dinner when i get in from work but again its fab that you can be flexible and mix your meals around as long as you stick to the basic rules.
My eating this week has pretty much consisted of something like this:
Breakfast: Slim Fast chocolate shake powder made up with 250ml of skimmed milk
Lunch: Slim Fast bottled Raspberry smoothie shake
Dinner: Chicken some sort of sauce, a little rice and vegetables or a small pasta dinner.
I do tend to keep my evening meals the same as something I would eat normally. 600 calories does mean you can eat most things apart from takeaways and sometimes i let myself go over the calorie allowance slightly as i dont usually have snacks during the day.
Weight Loss last week: 3lbs
Weigth Loss this week: 0lbs
Total Weight loss so far: 3lbs
Next week I'd like to do better with my workouts, these have been suffering this week as with all our packing to move house I couldn't find my trainers *boooo*
How are you all getting on girls?
I'd love to hear from you below?

Monday, 13 January 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Happy Monday dolls! Today i've got a little product review for you...the majorly hyped Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser or to me and you primer!
I'm not usually one to wear primer every single day as i always end up feeling a little product heavy because i always like to have my full coverage foundation on. But i do love the feel of primer and the flawless look that can be achieved by using it so actually listening to myself i think maybe i should try wearing primer more often. At the moment i definitely do find myself just saving primer for nights out when i want my makeup to be ultra long lasting

I know a lot of people are put off by the colour of Baby Skin - that it is clear - and most people on the bloggers circuit seem to prefer a cream or tinted primer but I'm definitely not in that category. I definitely usually reach for the clear primers, maybe because I like to wear them mostly under my foundation so the shade of my foundation doesn't get altered at all, whereas I've always noticed a cream primer lightens my overall face, similarly to mixing moisturiser with foundation - and if that was the effect i was after i would just mix moisuriser with foundation and save my money!
Baby skin has a good size nozzle which ensures you don't squeeze out any more product than you need which is definitely a good thing. I think sometimes with pump applicators you do end up wasting a lot. A little really does go a long long way with this product! A teeny little blob does my whole face and more.
I have to say the biggest thing i noticed about Baby skin is how greasy the formula seems to be. I was really shocked because it comes out the tube lovely, thick and gloopy but as soon as you blend it the feeling is a little bit gross and you end up with greasy residue on your fingertips for ages if you use your fingers. I love Benefit porefessional but fine i accept you get what you pay for and Baby Skin is only a third of the price but this product just didn't seem to sink into my skin very well at all. Maybelline recommend you wait until Baby Skin has completely set before applying any other products on top but i feel like i would be waiting literally forever! And i don't even have particularly greasy skin, maybe slightly around my t-zone but nothing to complain about so if you do suffer with greasy skin i really can't imagine this product doing anything for you.
Maybelline also claim that if you use Baby Skin on its own your pores will appear significantly reduced. I'm afraid I really don't agree with this at all! Baby Skin is a clear primer and unfortunately just that clear so as you can imagine your pores are definitely still visible underneath the product. I really don't think a primer can achieve pore reduction without being used as a base for foundation or being tinted to begin with. On its own this product simply isn't enough.
My advice: Under foundation this primer does a fair job, definitely does lengthen the time my face stays put and does give a pretty flawless finish but i personally don't like the consistency of it.
Save your pennies and splash out on Benefit's porefessional or for a couple of pound more try my favourite drugstore primer GOSH Velvet touch foundation primer in clear, cream or tint. It is very very similar to Baby Skin but without the greasy feel and leaves a lovely satin silky finish rather than  slimey one.
You can find Baby Skin at all Maybelline counters and online at Boots. It retails at £7.99
Will you be giving Baby Skin a go?
How did you get on with this product?
I would love to hear from you

Friday, 10 January 2014

Debenhams Winter Style Challenge

Earlier this week an email popped into my Inbox asking whether i'd be interested in the Debenhams Winter Style Challenge and i absolutely jumped at the chance.
Huge brand department stores like Debenhams are definitely one of my favourite places to shop. You just can't beat being able to find absolutely every item you could possible desire all in one place.
These days you find loads of big brands in Debenhams and you can always trust the quality to be fantastic.
For the winter style challenge we had to create mood boards to represent two winter outfits, one a daytime look to encorporate practicallity of the weather whilst still looking stylish and the other should be your ultimate party look.
Each look must be made up of Debenhams current women's collection and within a £250 budget
sooooo lets get started......
My daytime look
L-R clockwise:
Total spend: £244.10
I actually have this parka jacket myself and absolutely adore it! Parka's are so so popular this year so with this look you will be bang on trend. The fur lining makes it a little more heavyweight than the usual 'mac' style parka's you see so perfect for the chilly winter months.
Now whoever said you couldn't wear shorts in the winter season has clearly never owned a fab pair of high 100 denier opaque tights. No matter what the weather I love the look of shorts with chunky, thick knit tights underneath and think it can definitely make you stand out in the crowd.
The gorgeous heart print jumper from Oasis is so dainty and chic, I simply adore it! The PU collar adds a little high fashion feel to the piece as again PU and the leather look was massive on the catwalks in 2013.
Miss KG is a brand I know and love and I picked these stunning biker boots because I think my feet would need a rest from all the sparkly heels that I've been wearing over the Christmas period. Plus I can definitely move quicker in the January sales with lovely comfy flat shoes. These boots have on trend stud detail which will be timeless and can be worn with so many different looks.
As for the beanie hat I don't know about you but I have been living in mine these past few months. There's nothing better to keep you warm and cosy - plus this one is now a bargain in the sale!!
My party look

L-R clockwise:
Lipsy red form fitting sequin dress £65 £45.50 now £32.50
Total spend: £210
Don't ask me why because I don't have a clue but something about winter and Christmas always just screams SEQUIIIIINS at me! I honestly could tell you the last A/W I haven't purchased a new sequin item of clothing. This Lipsy dress is so sparkly and a lovely deep red colour so perfect for the holidays. From experience (and a few under arm areas ripped to shreds!) I've learned it's for the best to buy sequin dress' of the long sleeved variety, plus they will always keep you that bit warmer in the cold.
Most of my budget this time went on these incredible Carvela platform high heeled shoes - aren't they beautiful? I am a total sucker for high heels, the higher the better as far as I'm concerned (as long as you can walk in them without looking like bambi of course). High heels elongate your legs and just generally make me feel pretty glam and in the party spirit. No night out would be the same without them.
I thought this cute bow detail clutch bag was such a steal at £7.50 I couldn't not include it. I'm seriously thinking about purchasing one myself now. It has a gorgeous satin finish to it and would match most outfits.
Last but definitely not least this lovely Warehouse faux fur coat. In the winter months I really don't think there's anything better than getting all wrapped up in your faux fur coat. Honestly until you own one you won't know what I mean but you absolutely do not feel the cold at all in these bad boys. I love the grey/silver shade of this coat, a little different from the usual black and cream that you see all the time.
So there it is, my picks of the Debenhams Women's collection, what do you think?
I really had so so much fun putting this post together, shopping suddenly becomes so much more fun when it's not your own money being spent :)
You can read more about the Debenhams Winter Style Challenge here
What would your style picks be?

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Style Crush - Michelle Keegan

 Okay so it's no secret...i think i actually may be a little bit okay a lot in love with Michelle Keegan!!
For any of you that don't know Michelle is an absolutely gorgeous 26 year old from Manchester who plays a character called Tina McIntyre in a little soap called Coronation Street (just in case you don't watch but i really have no idea why you wouldn't want to?!) and has been starring in the soap for the last 6 years. She's recently announced she will be leaving the soap in May 2014 and fans are looking forward to dramatic storylines where she is going to be killed off! *booo sniff sniff*

Not only to I love her but my boyfriend actually loves her! maybe a little too much if im honest....haha but i can hardly blame him. Last September it was announced that Michelle is engaged to her boyfriend Mark Wright - star of The Only Way is Essex and i think they make a stunning couple and seem really well suited.
Michelle is definitely my absolute number 1 style crush! I think she looks incredible in anything , something every girl longs to be able to say. I honestly don't think i've ever seen a bad picture of her, even with no makeup, just out of the gym in a hoody and leggings she still looks flawless.
Michelle also writes a column for Now magazine which is a great idea because she talks about all her favourite fashion pieces and just general day-to-day stuff like what makeup she wears or what she's been up to that week.
That's another fab thing about Michelle's style, a lot of the clothes she wears are really affordable and from the high street so you don't need to be rich and famous to be able to afford the clothes she wears. Some of her jumpsuits from Topshop are my favourites!!...if only they looked as good on me!
That brings me to my last point, Michelle is my total thinspiration! Her body is phenomenal!! I think a completely separate post will need to follow for you to completely understand how amazing she looks in a bikini. Most definitely a picture to stick to the outside of my fridge or biscuit tin!
It does depress me slightly that Michelle is the same height as me so theoretically there shouldnt be any reason that I couldn't obtain a body like hers so that is definitely my aim in life. As far as I am aware Michelle is 5ft 4 and weighs around 8st 3lbs so as i have mentioned in previous posts i have a long weigh to go.

I think maybe my favourite look of Michelle's is the brown aztec patterned dress (first picture in the second set of photos) but it is really really hard to chose. I love the baby blue Topshop playsuit in the first lot of pictures as well!
Do you like Michelle's style?
Who is your biggest style crush? I'd love to hear from you

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Hi dolls,
Today i've got something exciting to share with you all!! Today i came across the lovely Jennifer's blog Barely There Beauty and a new weight loss group that she has created - the #bloggersWLW and Weight Loss Wednesday
Basically Jennifer has created a weight loss group especially for bloggers and a place where we can all come together and share our stories, tips and most importantly support each other.
I think this is such a great idea!! The blogger community is so lovely and supportive anyway so I imagine putting this energy into encouraging each other to lose weight will be amazing!
There are two keys points to being in the group:
1. You must post a weekly weight loss post on your guessed it - on Weight Loss Wednesdays
This post can be absolutely anything related to your personal weight loss journey so the subjects really are endless.
2. You must come and take part in the weekly #bloggerswlw chat on Twitter, Thursdays at 8pm
I've never really got too involved in bloggers chats on Twitter before, just the odd comment here and there so im really excited for this rule and to feel like part of a team.

So as you might remember from my 2014 Bucket List which you can read here one of the things I'm determined to do this year is lose 50lbs. When I put it like that it seems really scary and daunting seeing such a big number but I definitely need to be honest with myself to begin with and accept the task I have ahead of me is going to be a long, tough one!
I'm going to Thailand in April with my boyfriend so as a shorter term goal I would like to have lost between 21-28lbs by then.
I also really want to improve my fitness and muscle tone so am definitely going to make a conscious effort to go to the gym as often as i can.


For any more details on joining #bloggersWLW you can visit Jennifer's fabulous blog or of course feel free to ask me any questions

Slimming World vs. Weightwatchers? HELP!!

If youre a regular reader of my blog you will no i am always on some sort of diet!! ha! In fact i am alway trying the latest celebrity craze in dieting and it seems like my weight loss mission is never ending.
Without a doubt the two most popular weight loss groups in the UK are Weight Watchers and Slimming World. Generally when you speak to people about losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle these seem to be the programmes that women turn to again and again, with what seems like great success. Both claim to re-educate your knowledge of healthy eating and to enable you to lose weight without ever feeling hungry which has led me to wonder which group has the better approach and which produces the best results both long and short term?
Weight Watchers is a weight loss programme that focusses on keeping track of what you eat each day/week - similar to the method of calorie counting except every food is given a special Weight Watchers Pro Point numerical value and each dieter would be allowed a certain number of Pro Points per day depending on their weight/height/activity level etc..
You also receive a number of weekly Pro Points which can be used as and when you feel like it. So you could have an extra treat everyday or use all your points in one go on a boozy weekend.
Weightwatchers costs £6.25 per weekly meeting (although this can vary depending on your area) and initial registration is currently free (usually £10.70) or you can follow the online plan for £11.90 a month, again an initial registration fee usually applies.
Slimming World works on the idea that food are broken down into three main groups. Free foods - that you can eat unlimited quantities of eg. fruit, most veg, fat free dairy, lean meats. Healthy Extras and Syns which to you or me are treats and you would be allowed so many of these each day. The focus of the entire plan is to eat foods that are lower in calories so Slimming World claim you can eat as much as you want (of the right kind of foods of course) without being hungry and without ever needing to count calories.
Both clubs give the option of attending weekly meetings allowing you to meet other slimmers, get valuable support and be weighed - or I believe the plans are available to follow online only.
Weight Watchers costs £6.25 per weekly meeting (although this can vary depending on your area) and initial registration is currently free (usually £10.70) or you can follow the online plan for £11.90 a month, again an initial registration fee usually applies.
Slimming World charges £4.95 per weekly meeting or you can follow the plan online for £20 a month but at the moment you can get your first 3 months for £59.95

If you've ever tried Weight Watchers or Slimming World I would love to hear from you!
How did you get on? Which club would you recommend and why?
Any help or advice would be so so appreciated

Friday, 3 January 2014

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation

Im really not sure how it has taken me so long to get this review up because i cannot stop raving about this product!! You may have already seen my review on Seventeen Brow's That brow kit which i was thrilled to received for free because I spent over £8 on Seventeen products, one of which was their Stay Time foundation which i have been dying to try out for ages after hearing nothing but good things!


Stay Time is Seventeen's latest foundation release and is designed to be a full coverage foundation - which although i probably don't always need full heavy coverage i simply love the look of and my aim is always to create a totally flawless matte finish. "Dewey/glowing" skin is definitely not for me!

As the name suggests the whole idea of this product is that the foundation stays in place for a long long time, and boy does it! I really am so impressed with the staying power of this foundation. I always feared I would never find a foundation that lives up to my beloved MAC Studio Fix Fluid in the longevity stakes and I've never found a drug store foundation that can last an entire night out without needing to be reapplied....until now! Seventeen claim that Stay Time can stay put for up to 25 hours, now I don't know about that because I don't tend to leave my makeup on for that long but it definitely stays put perfectly for an entire day/night which is plenty long enough for me.

The formula of the foundation is very thick and gloopy, which in my eyes is a good quality and usually means it will give the full coverage look that I like. It does dry pretty fast once applied so you do have to work it in quickly and use a little at a time. I have only been using the foundation on its own, with no primer underneath because i think my face may feel a little too heavy and overloaded with product (and that is definitely a first for me to say!) if I did use primer too, but I can only imagine the foundation would last even longer on the skin and appear even more flawless than it already does if you did chose to use a primer.
Last week i picked up Rimmel's Baby Skin primer and am yet to get a review up so I might try it out soon, watch this space!
A feature that i absolutely adore with this foundation is the twist/lid/lock feature (not sure what to call it really?) but basically when you aren't using the product you twist the lid and it becomes locked so that the pump cannot be used and no product can be lost in your handbag! - another pet hate of mine where drug store foundation is concerned. Not to mention that having a pump to begin with is a nice perk these days as I do hate having to purchase a MAC pump separately with my Studio Fix, you would think that spending £21.50 on foundation would warant a free pump but apparently not?
I purchased Stay Time in the shade Fair which actually is in the middle of the scale. It is also available in Porcelain, Soft Ivory, Natural, Biscuit & Honey
I would 1000% recommend this foundation if you like a flawless finish and full coverage. It is definitely my new Studio Fix replacement for when my bank balance can't quite stretch to MAC.
Stay time can be found in all drugstore for £6.49
Have you tried Stay Time?
Have you found any other full coverage/long lasting drug store foundations?

Thursday, 2 January 2014

MAC eyeshadow in Crystal

Soo way back when i was just a little nipper... one of the first MAC products i purchased (after discovering my life-saving Studio Fix Fluid of course!) was an eyeshadow called Crystal Frost.
Dont ask me what drew me to this particular shade because i couldnt tell you. I remember ordering online because we didnt have a MAC counter where I live at that point and i didnt yet drive so couldnt get to one easily. I think i must have been going through my super girly 'everything must be pink' phase. Dont get me wrong i am still very girly and love anything that shimmers and sparkles but i would definitely go for a more day-to-day neutral shade these days.

In the pan Crystal Frost appears a slightly dull dusky lavender/grey but on application it really does shine. My photos are definitely not doing this shade any favours but it really is beautiful and shimmery. The purple pigment doesn't translate to the eyelid all that well, which isnt a bad thing (im not sure how often id reach for bright purple eyeshadow to be honest anyway) but instead you are left with a really subtle shimmer that is really buildable and blendable to get the exact tone you are after.

As always with MAC the quality is fantastic, longevity amazing and although pricey one eyeshadow does seem to last me forever!
I think if you're looking for a shade that is a little out of your comfort zone, like i obviously was, and a little different from all the smokey eye or neutral colours but at the same time not too bold and scary Crystal is the perfect candidate.

You can find Crystal Frost and all other MAC eyeshadows online here or at any MAC counter.
They retail at £12.50

Do you own any MAC eyeshadows?
Which shades would you recommend?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year ♥

Happy New Year dolls!!
Hope you all had a fabulous time last night bringing in the new year with your loved ones.
I know I for one will not be leaving the comfort of  my onesie or sofa today.....the days dreams are made of!
I'd just like to take a minute to thank all my readers for sticking with Sparkle Bug in 2013. I never imagined that anybody else would be remotely interested in my ramblings and just started my blog to document all my thoughts, wants and dreams - with any followers just being and amazing bonus.
Hopefully 2014 will be a big year for Sparkle Bug and I'm hoping to take things in a couple of new directions later in the year so watch this space....