Friday, 6 December 2013

Tesco Diets Week 1

So i'm officially 1 week into my specially customised Tesco Diets plan and thought i'd give you a little update.
Weight: My weigh in day has somehow turned out to be a Thursday so i jumped on the scales last night and was thrilled to see i've lost 3lbs!! I'm aiming for a healthy gradual weight loss of 2lbs a week so im really really pleased with myself for losing 3lbs in the first week...especially as if im honest I havent stuck to the plan 100%, maybe 98% but i've had a pretty stressful week and have treated myself to some naughty things to cheer myself up.
Food: I've really enjoyed this weeks meal plan and havent been starving hungry like i expected to be. Breakfast has been something similar to what i'd already eat anyway like eggs on toast with a glass of orange juice and some fruit or weetabix with toast, honey and a glass of milk. Tasty and so easy to grab on the go meaning i dont have to get up extra early to cook anything, which is something i always struggle with. Lunches have been things like low calorie soup with bread and fruit, chicken salad sandwich with fruit and popcorn or beans on toast. Dinner has been really yummy options like breaded cod & reduced fat chips, tuna pasta, chicken sausages beans & mash & veggie curry with rice and onion bhajis.
I was expecting to have to change my food choices all together but i've really noticed the plan isnt that different to how i ate to begin with. Just without so many treats and lots more fruit and veg. I've really noticed improvement in my skin from drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit - which ive always loved anyway.
Exercise: I also signed up for the fitness section of the Tesco diet plan as its only £1 a week so i thought i'd give it a go. I must say i've really enjoyed my workouts this week. My plan has set me to do cardio 3 days a week, weights 3 days a week and 1 rest day (which is definitely fine with me and well-looked forward to tomorrow). I've had to do 15mins on the cross trainer twice and 15 mins on the bike as my cardio which i was worried wouldnt be enough to actually do anything so i tried to do a little on interval running on the treadmill as well, but to be honest it obviously has worked because ive lost weight. On weight days i've been doing all sorts of different exercises, mixing it up each day, squats, lunges, ab work, arm exercises with dumbbells & ive definitely felt it the next day. I've really enjoyed having my plan already worked out for me, i just need to turn on the ipad and go rather than standing around the gym trying to figure out what to do next like i normally would.
Anyway im off to the gym now for my 3rd cardio session of the week (that should have been yesterday! *slapped wrist*)
Have you had any success with diet plans? I'd love to hear any tips?