Friday, 13 December 2013

MUA Eyeshadow Trio in Smoke Screen

Morning dolls,
Sorry my posts have been a little "few & far between" recently, we're having such chaos trying to find a house to move to which you can read all about here if you missed it!
This morning i've got a little eyeshadow review for you, the MUA Eyeshadow Trio in Smoke Screen. As the name suggests this is a cute little set of three eyeshadows that can be used to create the perfect smokey eye.
Image: Superdrug
I really like eyeshadow trios as you get the option of using any of the three shades on their own or blending them together to create the ultimate smokey look. I think they are perfect for people who aren't confident mixing shades together and trying out new looks because the lovely people at MUA have already selected three shades that look fab together for you! No thought necessary! Most eyeshadow trio sets also include a little applicator which is always handy to have. I found in the past that these are usually very poor quality and easily fall apart - Collection 2000 i'm looking at you! But this one really doesn't seem to be too bad and as i said its always useful to have in the compact if you don't have a brush with you and don't want to get your fingers messy (especially with these dark colours).

This set contains a white with a slight pearl tint to it, a medium grey with sparkles running through it and a dark charcoal gray again with sparkles (perfect for this time of year!). I'm really impressed with the pigmentation of all three shades, all swatches were only one swipe of my eyeshadow brush and definitely pick up a decent amount of product and colour. I think to be honest though i was a little disappointed with the similarity between the two grey shades. They really are very similar and personally i definitely would have preferred a lighter more silver/grey shade.

MUA have 7 variations of eyeshadow trios and they retail at £2.50 which i think is a total bargain for 3 reasonably good quality eyeshadows. The other shades available are Innocence, Chocolate Box, Eden, Blue Babe, Passion & Pink Sorbet and you can find them online at the MUA website here. Some are even half price at £1.25 at the moment! I really want to try chocolate box and pink sorbet
Have you tried any of the MUA eyeshadow trio sets?
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