Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Does house hunting need to be so stressful?

I'm so sorry for being so rubbish on the posting front at the moment, we are trying desperately to find a new house to move into in the next couple of week and its got me thinking about just how stressful the whole situation is!!
To cut a long story short we currently live in a gorgeous 1-bed new build flat but want somewhere bigger with our own garden so we will hopefully be able to have pets & start our own family in the future. Our years contract is up in January and we were under the impression that we would be staying on a month-by-month basis after that and had planned to moved after our holiday to Thailand in April. But (...always got to be a but!) our landlord surprised us last week by saying we have to sign for another year if we want to stay, which we're not keen to do, so we've found ourselves unexpectedly searching for somewhere to live 2 weeks before Christmas and struggling to come up with the deposit for a new place. Stress stress stress!!!

I'm a super worrier at the best of times but this is just practically pushing me over the edge! We have until Christmas eve to give our landlord our notice and find somewhere we like but of course sods law there is just nowhere. Not gonna lie i'm panicking just a little bit now :(

Everything about house-hunting just seems so stressful! First finding places that you like to begin with? Then we found the perfect house but it was already under offer by the time we got in touch with the agents? Now there's so-so houses but the kitchens too small? Or there's no white goods = more money? Or there's a horrible garden? Or they won't let us have pets?
I just can't decide if i'm the fussiest person ever or if we should be willing to compromise on some of our "must-haves".

Have any my readers got any experience house hunting on a time limit?
I'd love to hear any thoughts or advice from anyone?