Monday, 25 November 2013

Weekend wandering - Cars, Christmas shopping and Babies

This weekend was a pretty busy one! Saturday morning we had to get up early (something im never happy to do!) & pick my car up from the garage. She's been very poorly over the last week and had to have an expensive oxygen sensor replaced so i was happy to have the naughty little car back!! You don't realise how convenient it is to just jump in the car & head to the shops or how much you rely on it until something happens.

As we were already up & about early on a Saturday, which is a rare thing, we thought we'd make the most of it and get a full days Christmas shopping in at Bluewater. The shopping centre is around 30-40 minutes from us in the car and we go there a lot! I just think Bluewater has every shop you could think of (apart from Primark so if we need a cheap run we tend to go a little further to Lakeside or Westfield Stratford City). The Christmas lights have been put up since we last came and the whole centre just  looks so pretty & Christmassy - i love it!
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We only really needed to buy a couple more presents because this year i've been super organised and we're pretty much done but i still love looking round at all the gift sets and Christmas products that all the shops bring out. I picked up a couple of the special Christmas edition Lush products for my auntie - Golden Wonder bath bomb and Snowman bubble bar which both look amazing and i can't wait to see what she makes of them. I think im definitely going to have to go back & stock up on some of the Christmas products for myself!! The picture really doesnt do Golden Wonder justice, it is so so glittery and didnt come off my fingers for ages after i popped it in the bag.

Then it was a couple of not so interesting "Grandad presents" from Marks & Spencer and they had an added 20% off this weekend which was a nice surprise. And then on to maybe my favourite shop at Bluewater, and relatively new I think because I have definitely only noticed it the last few times ive been, The Yankee Candle shop!! There's no other way to put it, i am simply & uttery obcessed with Yankee Candles. They smell absolutely incredible, there are so many amazing flavours to choose from (especially at Christmas time), look so stylish in their glass jars and they burn foreveeeer.
If any of you haven't ever purchased a Yankee Candle you really really really need at least one in your life. At the moment they are selling so many delightful Christmas treats and gift sets, some really discounted and more reasonably priced than normal. Christmas flavours include: Merry Marshmellow, Sugared Apple, Christmas Memories, Christmas Eve, Christmas Cookie, Sparkling Cinnamon and many more, you can check them out here. Grant managed to get a large Sparkling Cinnamon jar for his mum for Christmas for just £15.99 - total bargain!

On Sunday i drove up to Essex for a friends baby shower. I've only been to a couple of these as i think they're a relatively new thing over here, much bigger in America. I do think baby showers are a really nice idea though, why should we have to have a reason to get together with friends and share your friend's excitement that their little bundle of joy will be arriving soon? I know some people think they are cheeky and all about the presents but to be honest if you are close enough with the expectant mum to be invited to the shower then you probably would have brought the new baby a little gift anyway wouldnt you? The new mummy-to-be probably won't have time to catch up with all their friends at once for a while so baby showers are great for this. Plus all the game & finger food. What's not to love really?

Top: Some of the brill games at the shower, my friends sister did such a fab job arranging the whole thing
Bottom: The fantastic nappy cake me & my friend Sophie gave as a gift. I think these make fantastic, unusal presents for new mummies and have bought numerous times from The Nappy Cake Shop. Really can't recommend them enough!

What did you get up to this weekend?