Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Christmas Tag

Tonight on twitter I came across the lovely Becky's blog Lipgloss and Lashes and this super cute tag...The Christmas Tag!! As you'll all know from my last post I am so so excited and looking forward to Christmas this year so I couldn't resist.

1) What is your favourite Christmas drink?
Well I only discovered them last year but this definitely has to be Cafe Nero's Amaretto Latte! Words cannot describe how amazing these taste. Yum!

2) What is your favourite Christmas  smell?
All of them! Cinnamon and all things Christmassy are my favourite ever scents. We constantly have cinnamon burning away at home so it does smell a little sickly & like Christmas all year round *hangs head in shame*. Last week I picked up a Yankee candle air freshened for the car and that is 'Christmas Cookie' flavour and absolutely devine.

3) Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Not really. None I can think of anyway. Just spending Christmas & Boxing Day with family & we always save presents until the afternoon and open one by one in a circle. It takes forever and makes presents seem never ending and you get to really see someone's face light up when they open your gift. My nan also without fail buys me a pack of tan tights (in the wrong size and I don't wear tan tights), a packet of cotton buds and an impulse deodorant every single year. Bless her heart!

4) What's the one thing you really want to get from Santa this Christmas?
My boyfriend has had a pretty hard time the last couple of years and due to some personal issues he really dreads Christmas now. Just to see him happy and enjoying himself would be a great present. Plus it's our first Christmas in our new home so him not having to work Christmas Day (he works for the NHA) and being able to spend it with me would be great!
Materialistically I've got my eye on a pretty camera, the Nikon L810 in red to be precise. Hehe. We're off to Thailand in April so is love to be able to take some quality photos to remember our trip forever.

5) Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
I definitely never have!...but being a natural ginger person (redhead) I do have a soft spot for ginger things so maybe I should give it a go?

6) Who is your favourite person to buy presents for?
hmmm..this is a tough one because I really do love buying presents for everybody. Probably my boyfriend because I always have lots of ideas and know exactly what he will love or all my best friends children just because buying for kids is so much fun and all the little toys & clothes are so cute! I could shop for babies forever! Really can't wait to have our own family Christmas'

7) What is your favourite Christmas song?
It maybe a little unusual but it's got to be Stay Another Day by East 17. I have no idea why it's considered a Christmas song but it definitely is isn't it? More traditionally probably Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade

8) There wasn't a no 8 question so I'm going to add my own...When do you put up your Christmas tree & what colour decorations do you have this year?
Despite my best persuasive skills my boyfriends isn't going to let me put our tree up until 1st December *boooo* and I'm very excited because it's our first Christmas living together so we get to go out & pick everything together. We're going to have a 6ft green tree - artificial - with red & silver decorations.

9) What's the weirdest gift you've ever received?
Ooooh interesting one, umm nothing too strange that I can think of. My brother bought me a canvas picture of elephants once. I actually love it, it's now up in our hallway & elephants are my favourite animal but he had no idea of that so it was just a bit random..but in a good way.

10) Do you like to dress up for Christmas or stay in your PJs?
If it was left to me I would 100% stay in my PJs as I really do live in them. They are the comfiest things and normally first to go on when I get in from work each day BUT my mother would definitely not approve and I think Christmas is a nice occasion to get dresses up so I usually wear a nice dress or something like that

I've really enjoyed doing this post and I tag you all to get in the Christmas spirit and give it a go!! Let me know if you do so I can come & check out your answers