Friday, 29 November 2013

Tesco Diets...The Beginning

Those of you that regularly read my blog will know i am always on a mission to lose weight and over the years have tried every diet going. Ive come to the conclusion that i just dont have very good will power, am easily led a-stray (did somebody say Chinese takeaway?) and if i dont see results impossibly quickly i think its not working and give up! Silly i know!
My boyfriend and i have booked to go to Thailand in April, which is sneaking up on me much quicker than i expected, and i would definitely like to feel a little bit better about myself in a bikini (or swimsuit as it is at the moment) before then.
This week i have rejoined Tesco Diets which as you may have guessed is run by the well known supermarket chain. It is an online programme which provides personlised healthy diet plans, immediate expert support, community forums and the added option of a fitness plan all for a small monthly fee. While it is similar to many other diet plans available out there i really like Tesco because they have over 15 eating plan options such as gluten free, vegetarian, high fibre, low carb, low fat, light choices etc.. so they really do tailor everything especially for each individuals requirements. You select foods you do and don't like and what you are hoping to achieve and Tesco will recommend the plan best suited to your needs.
My absolute favourite feature of the Tesco Diet programme is that not only do they provide you with a shopping list so you know what to buy to enable you to follow the healthy eating plan, but you can also choose to be redirected straight to the Tesco groceries online food shopping page and the items are automatically added to your basket ready for home delivery - this may seem simple but it save so much time on other diet plans when you have to go through and write all this out & pick it out yourself.

I've got my food shopping being delivered tonight all ready to start the plan bright and early tomorrow. I've got 19 weeks until my holiday so im hoping with a steady 2lbs a week weight loss i can lose 2 & a half stone by then! Fingers crossed!!
Hopefully this will become a weekly series and i can keep you all updated on my process. And obviously please tell me off if i fall off the wagon too much

Have you tried any Tesco or any other diet plans?
Any tips would be really welcome? :)