Thursday, 21 November 2013

Glossybox - November

My Glossybox came in the post last week and i simply havent had time to sit down and give all the products a go until now. Crazy huh? I was pleased to receive my box around the same time that everyone else seems to again (last month was a first for this!). Before that i seemed to be getting my boxes weeks after everyone else so the surprise was always spoiled - maybe being a 'W' in the alphabet? Who knows? But not ideal anyhow.
Last month Glossy Box used a Dark Romance theme that nobody really understood because the products we received definitely didnt seem to relate to that theme. The theme this month was Christmas Wishlist which i think is pretty appropriate, most girls would be happy with this months products in their stocking.
Elegant Touch - Rapid Dry for Nails
Size: Full size 125ml
Product: Just how i have managed to get through life so far without purchasing this product i have no idea. It is total genius!! It is one of those items that i always see advertised, mentally tell myself i must have it and then forget all about it by the next time i go to the shops. A quick spray of Rapid Dry onto wet nail polish is supposed to leave you dry and ready to go in just 60 seconds and it does just that! I imagine if you apply polish particularly thick or a couple of coats it may not be so effective but as long as you are light with the polish application this product is a total god send. I am forever smudging my freshly painted nails because i am too impatient to wait for the polish to fully dry. I definitely also noticed my nail bed and cuticle were softer after using this a couple of times - this is down to the Vitamin E included in the formula.
Price: £3.00
Would i buy it? 100x yes yes yes. This will be one of my staple products for years to come.
Yves Rocher France - Hand Cream in Cocoa & Pistachio Nut
Size: Full size 75ml
Product: Being a lover of all things Cocoa buttery i already knew i would love this hand cream. It smells absolutely devine and already has a very comfy home on my desk at work. I love that the cream soaks into the skin really quickly, unlike some other hand creams that leave your hand feeling clammy & greasy for a while afterwards. I've definitely noticed a difference in the softness of my hands as well since using this, just what the doctor ordered now this freezing weather has set in.
Price: £1.95
Would i buy it? Definitely, i cant believe how cheap this beaut is! Im going to make sure i stock up and recommend this to everyone i know
Emite Makeip - Micronized eyeshadow in Nect
Size: Full size 1.48g
Product: I was over the moon to receive another Emite product after trying and loving their eyelash curlers a couple of months ago. I was sent the eyeshadow in the shade Nect which is a lovely shimmery pale cream colour, which i find perfect for those inner-eye corners and highlighting. I really appreciated receiving a product in a wearable shade that i will get a lot of use out of for a change. And all Emite eye products are paraben, oil, nickel & perfume free which is always good for sensitive skin like mine.
Price: £16.80
Would i buy it? I'm not sure i could ever justify spending £16.80 on an individual eyeshadow (MAC shadows are enough of an expense) but i do really like the shade, pigmentation and brand. If it was cheaper i definitely would buy, unfortunately at the moment no.
Vichy - Idealia Life Serum
Size: Three 3ml samples
Product: So far i have only tried one of the samples but this has definitely left my face much softer this morning. My skin around my nose & forehead has been getting a little dry in this weather and this serum has helped a lot. More so than just moisturiser has been.
Price: Full size 30ml is £29.50 so my three samples total £8.85
Would i buy it? Probably not for the full size price but a smaller/cheaper size would be good?
B - Quick One Coat Professional Long Lasting Nail Polish in Persica 189

Size: Full size 8ml
 Product: I actually quite like the shade of nail polish i received this month. Its a pale orange/coral and while i do have lots of coral shades already i definitely dont have one quite this subtle and pale so its an unusual but welcome find. As for long lasting i got my standard 5ish days before any chipping. Im impressed with this but i dont think its noticeably longer than most other polishes with a top coat. I think it hugely depends on whether ive been doing any washing up as well! hehe
Price: £4.99

Would i buy it? Affordable and it does what it says on the tin...Yes


All in all i was thrilled with my Glossy Box this month. It was nice to have a box of nearly three times the value of what you pay for a change and 4 out of 5 full size products was such a treat.
I can't wait to see what they pull out of the bag for their Christmas box this year!!

What did you think of the November Glossy Box?
Will you be subscribing?