Thursday, 31 October 2013

What I've Bought This Month - October 2013

Firstly (and definitely mostly importantly in my opinion!).... 4 tickets to see Justin Timberlake at the O2 next April!!!! I am beyond excited that i managed to get tickets. My boyfriend and i saw him in the summer when he headlined Wireless festival - which you can read all about here - and he was absolutely incredible. By far the best artist i have ever seen so im very excited to go again, this time with my girls :)
isn't he a beaut!
1) After the incident we don't mention with my new black nail varnish and the white load of washing *despairs with head in hands again* i definitely needed a new dressing gown. This one is super soft and cosy, oversize and was from George at Asda for £14
2) My amazing snowman leggings that i am so excited to wear on Xmas day - £6 Primark
3) I paid extra to insure Grant on my car to try and speed along his learning
4) This year i have surpassed myself and have already done a lot of my Xmas shopping....when i say a lot i reckon i maybe have 10 more bits to buy. I'm so pleased i've got a lot of it out the way but i've bought far too much to picture here so i'm going to save it for a Xmas shopping haul post another time
What have you all been buying this month?
Has anyone else gone as early-Xmas-shopping crazy as me?