Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Garnier BB Cream Eye Roll-On

Last week i picked up an unexpected gem....the Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector Eye Roll-On
I went into Boots looking for my friendly familiar (know it does the job) Garnier Caffine Eye Roll-On. In fact i was going to push the boat out and try the slightly tinted anti-dark circles version for a change but bizarrely neither seemed to be in stock - at least nowhere i could see, quite possibly looking in the wrong section of an unfamiliar store though *fail*
Anyway....i came across what seemed to be the BB version of the same product, but a little smaller and a little cheaper. Win right?
Having never tried any BB products at all, in the fear that they won't give me the full coverage look i like, i didn't know what to expect. But i was impressed.
Garnier claim that BB Cream Eye Roll-On will:
- reduce the appearance of dark circles & bags
- conceal signs of fatigue
- blue fine lines
- illuminate
- hydrate
And i think it definitely achieves all the things it claims to do. This eye roll-on 100% improves my under eye area and helps disguise the dreaded under eye black bags really well. I would say it is as, if not more, effective at doing this than concealer as the coverage is really very good. Saying that i don't suffer with bags terribly so perhaps if yours were more striking you wouldn't see such great results. I definitely appear more awake when i've used the BB cream and my whole under eye area appears bright and fresher.
Sometimes i suffer from dry skin on my under eye area and am very sensitive and since using the roll-on i have noticed a big improvement and not had a dry patch once, so it really must be hydrating but doesn't feel like it!  I bought the roll-on in light which is perfect when blended into my skin tone, which makes me think it definitely might be too dark for really pale people. You can also get it in medium. I managed to pick this up half price in Boots which was a total steal but it usually retails at £9.99 which i do think is a little steep for a 7ml tube
Have you tried any of Garnier's eye roll-on products?