Saturday, 5 October 2013

Eyelure Pre-Glued Lashes 190

Everytime i go out...without fail...i will wear false eyelashes. Since discovering them a couple of years ago i fell completely in love with the big, bold, false lash look. I love everything about them, the look they give me, the fullness i can achieve, the way they open up my eyes and change how my entire face looks and most importantly how they completely finish any look and take you from day to night time glam in an instance. So i am definitely experienced in the lash-stakes! I have tried plenty of brands over the years and while lashes are ten a penny the only glue i have ever found to keep my lashes in place all night is Eyelure glue. For this reason i usually buy their lashes in bulk from eBay and find they have a large selection of different looks so you can always find a pair of lashes for any occasion.
So i was thrilled to see a pair of Eyelure lashes included in my Glossybox last month.

Image: Eyelure
These were the beauties i received Eyelure Pre-Glued Lashes in 190. On first glance i did think they looked pretty tame in the volume stakes and not a lash i would usually pick but i was excited to try the pre-glued concept because if i liked it i was hoping i could buy pre-glued lashes more often and save myself some mess.

Now as the lashes were more a "daytime lash" in my opinion i did intend to save them for a wedding im going to next week but i unexpectedly ended up going out last weekend and wasn't very prepared in the lash area so ended up turning to these. On initial application i had mixed feelings. The first lash went on absolutely perfect and fool-proof, there was a good amount of "stick" to it and i didnt feel like it was going to come loose at any point. On to lash number two...this one simple seemed to have hardly any glue on it at all so as you can guess didn't want to stick. Luckily i always have some spare Eyelure glue lying around the house so i could fix it pretty easily but obviously this defeats the point of pre-glued lashes in the first place! I can only imagine that a machine must glue the lashes so there will be times when some lashes get more glue than others but i definitely think Eyelure need to find a way to make this more consistant if these type of lashes are going to be a success.

That said once i had applied a bit of glue on top the lashes did stay put all night and i probably worried about them less than i would normal lashes. And the lash that i applied first stayed in place all night with no problems and no additional glue which i was impressed with. If only they had both been the same. The lashes definitely weren't big enough for me, especially not for a night out but they came in my Glossybox so i obviously didnt get to pick them.

I'm not sure i'd use pre-glued lashes again to be honest after this experience. I wouldnt want to take the risk that one (or both) wouldnt be sticky and perhaps i wouldnt be lucky and have any glue at home next time.

Have you tried Eyelure Pre-Glued Eyelashes? Did i just get unlucky or did you have problems with them sticking as well?