Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Review - Confessions of a Hostie & More Confessions of a Hostie by Danielle Hugh

Last week i was contacted by the lovely PR people at Monsoon Books and offered the chance to read and review two books by Danielle Hugh: Confessions of a Hostie* and most exciting...Confessions of a Hostie: The Second Sector* which isn't out in shops until November 4th.
As those of you that are regular readers of my blog will know i used to work as Cabin Crew for a British Charter airline and absolutely loved the job so i had a pretty good idea that i would like these books but i really did under estimate just how much i would love them! I seriously haven't been able to put both books down since receiving them and finished both within 3 days which is unheard of for me.

To be completely honest i'm not an avid reader. When i was younger i used to read all the time, i absolutely loved it and always had my head in a book but then unavoidably i got older and ran out of time for reading. It definitely wasn't a priority once shopping, makeup & boys came onto the scene! Nowadays the only time i really find myself getting stuck into a good book is on a sun lounger on holiday and even then it takes a pretty decent story to keep me interested so i really was amazed at just how much i enjoyed this series.
Confessions of a Hostie follows international flight attendant Danielle Hugh and documents all the completely true tales and adventures that she comes across as she jet-sets around the world. What a glamourous job i hear you say? Think again! I really can't reiterate enough that there are no glamourous aspects to the job what so ever, where people get that impression from is beyond me! These books are such a hilarious, yet refreshingly honest account of life as a flight attendant and an absolutely must read for anybody with an interest in the industry. Or just anybody who would like a behind-the-scenes look at the world of a flight attendant really!
 I was really laughing out loud at some points and can totally sympathise with the difficult situations Danielle finds herself in time and time again.

I think the general impression of a career as a flight attendant is that you only serve tea & coffee. This drives me completely mad and I think anybody assuming this could definitely learn a thing or two about exactly what it is flight attendants do on a day-to-day basis from reading these books. As Danielle puts it while flight attendants are definitely there primarily and most importantly to ensure the safety of the customers on any given day we can be "a security officer, a fire fighter, a psychologist, a travel agent, a cleaner, a law enforcer, a bar tender, an aged-care worker, an announcer, a cook, a diplomat, a promotional spokesperson, a problem solver, a sales person, a nurse and a childminder all rolled into one." And you thought your job was tough?
What I love most about the books is the honesty Danielle shows and she lets you into her inner thoughts...even if they are too explicit to repeat to the passengers.

More Confessions of a Hostie is just as entertaining, if not more so, than the original. Even if you haven't read the first book in the series, it wouldn't matter. Both books are around 150 pages long and broken down into short chapters of 5 or so page. Perfect for a quick read on commutes or a sunbathing session on holiday. I for one definitely hope Danielle keeps documenting her adventures and writes more books for us all to enjoy.

You can find out more about Danielle Hugh and keep up-to-date on her adventures on facebook and twitter, both linked below
You can already buy Confessions of a Hostie in e-reader format and in hard copy from all good book stores and More Confessions of a Hostie is out next Monday (4th November)

Have you got any books you'd recommend at the moment? Will you be giving Confessions of Hostie a read?