Thursday, 5 September 2013

Yes im officially a WeightWatcher...

To be honest i cant decide whether im embarrassed by this or not but...yes its true....i am officially a weightwatcher!
Image: google images
Ive struggled with my weight for as long as i can remember now. one minute i was a healthy, happy, size 10 and next thing you know i have over 40lbs to lose just to be at the top end of my healthy BMI range - really not ideal!
So grant and i have booked the trip of a lifetime to thailand next april and i am determined to feel happy with my body and confident in a bikini by then. over the years ive tried SO many diets and managed to lose a little weight but i always lose motivation when i dont see results straight away and give up, obviously not getting me anywhere i know but its definitely easier said than done to make changes when youre stuck in a routine
Ive come to the conclusion that i definitely need some flexibility in my diet approach. when i have to cut out all my tasty treats altogether i become un-bear-able, you can ask my boyfriend! so the whole idea of weightwatchers is that you can eat whatever you want, as long as it is in moderation and you stay within your daily "propoint" allowance. every item of food in the world is given a propoint value, you can calculate this yourself using the protein, carb, fat and fibre information of any given food. so in theory i could use nearly all my daily points and eat macdonalds but i then wouldn't have any points left for the rest of the day and would probably be very hungry so i guess im less likely to do it. on the plus side you also receive 49 pro points that are extra weekly points, these can be used for any extra little treats and spread out throughout the week however you like - for example i am going out with the girls on saturday and intend to use my weekly points for a few vodkas
Im hoping to have more luck maintaining my weightloss using such a big recognisable company like weightwatchers. all those millions of people that use them cant be wrong right?
I started the plan on saturday and have my first official weigh in this coming saturday (8th)
wish me luck!
Have you ever followed the weightwatchers plan or something similar? id love to hear any tips or advice from you?