Thursday, 26 September 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

The other week in Boots i couldnt resist picking up both foundation and powder from the Rimmel Stay Matte range - you can read my powder review here
The matte look is definitely one i try to achieve whenever doing my makeup. I easily end up with a slightly oily/greasy t-zone so always lean towards products to mattify rather than ones to leave me looking dewy with a glow ;)
Having heard good things about Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation i happily picked it up & trotted off to the till. I already knew the tube was rather on the small side being only 30ml but ive heard a little goes a long way so i didnt let this put me off. I do like to try out new foundations on the market but always find myself coming back to my trusty MAC Studio Fix Fluid and am yet to find a suitable, cheaper alternative.

Rimmel claim Stay Matte is "a feather light liquid mousse that blends flawlessly for natural looking, all-day shine control" all of which sounds pretty good to me!!
When swatched i think a cross between liquid and mousse is a bit misleading. This foundation comes out of the tube very thick, but i think thats a good thing. If it was more of a liquid consistency it would be just the same as a million other foundations on the market at the moment.
I was a little bit worried that being a mattifying foundation is would highlight dry patches on my cheeks which i sometimes get and are heightened by fake tan on occasion. It definitely didnt at all. My face was 100% matte effect all day with no need for topups or any additional primer/powder like ive seen other reviewers suggesting is a must. Obviously primer and powder isnt going to hurt the longevity of the foundation but i think it does a pretty good job on its own.
A teeny pea sized blob of foundation really does go so far and definitely covers my whole face..and i like super full coverage. It applies really smoothly and i found it easy to blend.

1) Swatched, very thick almost toothpaste-like consistency
2) Swatch blended slightly
3) Swatch fully blended
I was really really impressed with this foundation and think for £5.99 it will definitely become a popular member of my makeup collection...especially when funds are low and im holding out until payday for more MAC Studio Fix! This is definitely an almost-as-good alternative, and for the price you definitely can't go wrong!!
What do you think of the Rimmel Stay Matte collection? Have you tried any of the Stay Blushed products?