Friday, 20 September 2013

Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Tan Lotion

Ive always been a huge Palmers fan and absolutely love their body butter products and have been using them for years! ive even got my boyfriend hooked on their good old cocoa butter.
 Cocoa butter is without a doubt one of my favourite scents when looking for new products and definitely one i am always drawn too.
I am also a serial fake tanner!! Being a natural redhead (but my hair has darkened somewhat over the years) i obviously have your typical ginger skin - annoyingly freckly and pale. There is nothing i love more than laying out in the sun for 2 weeks solid, somewhere exotic and hot on our summer holidays trying to tan, but i really do just have to accept that even though i love the DEFINITELY does not love me back!! *sniffsniff*.
There probably arent many brands of fake tan i havent tried and tested over the years and i do 100% have my favourites (Fake Bake & Laurens Way i'm looking at you!!) but every now and then i like to mix it up a bit.
Image: Superdrug
I've got to be honest gradual tanners arent a product i am usually a fan of. I definitely started out with them at the beginning of my tanning experience (to ease myself in gently...or so i thought at the time!) but im often left thinking why bother tanning at all if you're not going to tan properly! I like it to be noticeable not barely there. However loving Palmers like i do i thought id pick up Natural Bronze Tan Lotion when i saw it on offer in Boots.

I have to say i am really really impressed. Sometimes when im not planning any nights out in a while, or getting my legs out and generally being abit lazy, I can't be bothered to properly fake tan - yes you heard it hear first, never thought id be saying that - so a gradual tan lotion is perfect for maintaining a slight glow but also only needs minimal effort.
Natural Bronze Glow is a moisturiser that develops into a subtle tan and can be built up over x number of days. Firstly unlike actual fake tan products gradual tanner tends to be white in colour, which makes it seem much more like a regular moisturiser. It also doesn't have your typical fake tan smell. Natural Bronze Glow does have a slight scent to it, certainly more than the regular cocoa butter product but equally its not unpleasant in the slightest. My boyfriend kept telling me i smelt like chocolate if that makes you feel better about the smell? ha! And you can definitely smell the cocoa butter running through it which also leaves a really pleasant smell.
Now I've just been slapping this on willy nilly after my daily showers, not thinking too much about it. I can't remember exactly how long i've been using it now, maybe a fortnight on and off but not once have i had any sort of streak. Each day i notice i am getting browner and browner, subtly and naturally. The colour is long lasting and fades very evenly. I've only needed a little exfoliate around my ankles and elbows.
The top picture is after using Natural Bronze for a couple of days and the bottom picture is after a week. I think you can build up a really nice and natural, but definitely worthwhile, tan with little effort or maintenance. Maybe a winner?

Palmers Natural Bronze Tan Lotion retails at £5.35

Have any of you tried Natural Bronze Tan? I'd love to hear your opinion on it?