Thursday, 12 September 2013

Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick Trend Edition

Hi dolls, sorry ive been a bit absent this weekend my boyfriend was away on a stag do in Marbella (lucky very brown boy! *not jealous much*) so i have had a mammoth weekend catching up with the girls. Nights in, nights out, lunch, shopping, vegging in front of the telly, name it we have pretty much done it so unfortunately i have neglected you lovely lot a little bit.
One purchase i've been meaning to review for a while but just havent got round to it is the Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick. For those of you who havent heard of Oriflame they are basically the Swedish version of Avon except you cant buy products directly from their website like you can Avon, you have to go through a sales representative so products can be tricky to get hold of if you're not in Sweden. Again you can always find most things on eBay (i really should work for them promoting i rave about eBay so much!!) and i was lucky enough to know a few fellow air hostess' that sold Oriflame so we'd always have a good browse through the catalogue on our tea breaks.
L-R: Coral Trend, Berry Vogue, Catwalk Red, Fashionista Pink,
Explosive Pink
Triple Core Lipstick caught my eye in particular. Oriflame claim it is "the world's first triple core lipstick fusing caring balm, passionate colour and dramatic gloss into one. The result is lips that are softer, more beautiful and more impactful than ever before." So the idea is that the lipstick is made up of 3 separate componants, a inner gloss core, a bright pigmented lipstick middle and an outer tinted balm. Think ombre effect lips...something i was very interested to see and try.
You can now get the Triple Core Lipsticks in the original form, trend edition and 3D
I purchased Coral Trend which is one of the Trend Edition. Not going to lie, mostly because i liked the pretty floral packaging and i was looking for a nice coral shade which unusually the original and 3D ranges didn't seem to offer.
When swatched the lipstick is pretty true to colour and gives good pigmentation. You can definitely see lighter shades through it though and the shimmery gloss in the core of the lipstick is clear.

Image: Oriflame
I couldn't seem to get a good photo of the lipstick on my lips, or at least one that showed the ombre effect true to life. I think it was the flash or something so i left it to the promo shots. But honestly the lipstick really does come out like this! I am so so impressed with it. It did take a couple of layers with blotting in between to get this effect but i definitely got there and to be honest i love it! The coral shade is such a gorgeous summery colour and can be matched with pretty much any outfit.

The pigmentation isn't instantly great but you can definitely build up to the colour you want with a few layers. Overall the lipstick went on really smooth and creamy and lasted a good 4+ hours before i had to touch up which i definitely look for in a lipstick.

The Triple Core Lipstick Trend Edition range retail at £5.95. You can explore the rest of the Oriflame range online here

Have you purchased any Oriflame products before? Would you recommend them?