Monday, 30 September 2013

My Month in Pictures - September

1) Went out with the girls while all the boys were away in a stag do in Marbella. You know the saying.... "when the boys are away...the girls come out to play" ;)
2) I got an unexpected and very nice rebate from the tax man! (things like this never happen to me)
3) I smashed my poor phone to smithereens and have been having a nightmare trying to get it sorted. Am temporarily on an old Blackberry hence the lack of posts
4) I went to a Kisstory night at Indigo club at The O2
5) I went to bingo for the first time with the girls from work - I won! Twice!!
6) 2 of my best friends from out of town came down to Kent for a night out, super messy
What did you all get up to in September?