Thursday, 26 September 2013

GlossyBox - September

This months Glossy box was "The London Edition" and is theme around London Fashion Week i assume. Being very proud to be British and loving my country this is a theme i was thrilled to see!
The outer packaging of the box is totally gorgeous and eye grabbing as you can see and the tissue paper inside had cute little "British" things all over it like Big Ben and umbrellas! ha! (you've got to laugh right!)
This month Glossybox have introduced their new magazine, named the GB mag and have got rid of the little folded piece of paper altogether. A look that i much prefer!
To be honest i've taken a while to right up this post because i just wasn't sure what i thought of this months box. I think one of the bad things about being a beauty blogger is the typical want what i don't have jealousy. I have the ability to read previous posts reviewing Glossy Box's before mine has even arrived so i definitely know what to expect and the possibilities of what i might receive - which definitely ruins the surprise element but i just can't stop myself!! However this means i get pretty upset when i know other Glossy Box subscribers receive much nicer, more expensive items and leaves me feeling a little hard done by.....the feeling this month!!
Sooo this month I received:
Eyelure Pre-Glued Lashes
Full review to follow
Size: Full Size
Product: False eyelashes that already have glue applied so you simple peel & stick, no possibility of mess.
Price: £5.06 (for 1 pair)
Would i buy it? Yes
Elizabeth Arden Untold
So yet again I received a perfume sample in my GlossyBox despite definitely chosing to opt out of this on my favourites online. It's not that i don't like to try new perfumes, i just begrudge one of my precious Glossy items being wasted on something as small as a perfume sample.
Size: This sample is 5ml which is much better than the 1.5ml i received last month. Rather than a small vial of fragrance this sample is actually a teeny version of the actual bottle that the full size perfume comes in which i think is a nice touch.
Product: This is described as "a luxurious and modern floral fragrance with fruity introduction" but i would definitely disagree. I can't stand floral perfumes and this does not smell flowery to me at all. It really is delicious, smells very fruity and most importantly lingers around for a really long time.
Price: Untold retails at £48 for 50ml or £69 for 100ml. This makes my sample worth £4.80
Would i buy it? YES
Toni & Guy Classic Shine & Gloss Serum
To be honest i don't tend to use hair serum very often. I have very thick hair so it doesn't tend to get too fly-away or need taming as it's very heavy to begin with. After straightening i sometimes to serum for a completely sleek effect but this is rare. This Toni & Guy serum is part of the Limited Edition HairMeetWardrobe range and is designed by Lulu Kennedy. I think it's very attractive and makes a welcome change from the standard Red & Silver.
Size: Full size 30ml
Product: I love the feel of this serum, it's lightweight, i don't feel a lot of product buildup in my hair like i do with some other products and it truly kept my hair in place for hours. But again this isnt really something i struggle with daily.
Price: £7.19
Would i buy it? Probably not because i wouldn't use it that much. If i did want to purchase a serum i would definitely consider this one.
Be A Bombshell Cosmetics EyeLiner in Oynx
I was really excited when i saw this product in my box this month. I have been wanting to try a felt tip style liquid eyeliner for a while but never know which one to go for. It was also really nice to get a product in a usefull colour like black rather than some rather obscure reds like last month! haha
Size: Full size 3g
Product: To be honest on first impressions i have been disappointed with this eyeliner. It initially looks quite pigmented when swatched but i can't get it to come out a true black on my eyes. I end up with a more grey-ish stain that has to be gone over 100x. Not ideal. I am going to persevere as im new to pen style eyeliners but it's not winning me over yet.
Price: $14 (approx. £8.66)
Would i buy it? Not at the moment, i think i could get a cheaper drug store alternative.

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips
Now i was initially excited to try this because everybody raves about it and i was eager to see if it lived up to the hype BUT a) it arrived and was a ridiculously tiny sample size and more importantly b) i discovered before my box even arrived that other people received either a full size HD Brow Bronze (all £19 of it!) or a Rimmel Stay Blushed product instead of this....both of which i would have preferred. I just don' think its fair to give one subscriber a product worth £2 (okay £2.20 to be precise!) and another one worth £19. I definitely think each box should be equal in value, even if that means some include a different number of products....eeurrggh rant over! but i can understand why people are being put off Glossy Box for sure.

Size: A piddly 3ml which is a very very small tube. Granted a little goes a long way and it will last a while but still....

Product: I am really impressed with Nipple Balm. The name (got to be honest) does put me off slightly but it really is a thick, luxurious, balm for the lips that leaves them feeling baby baby soft and i can definitely still feel the product hours after application.

Price: £11.50 for 15ml so my sample works out as £2.20

Would i buy it? No i don't think so. I do like it but it's a little out of my price range for lip balm when Carmex does nearly as good a job.


So lovely ladies that concludes this months Glossy Box! Hope you enjoyed my thoughts. Did any of you order this months box? With the HD Brow product included i think this could have been such a good box!!