Wednesday, 4 September 2013

GlossyBox - August

For those of you that don't already know this is my second Glossy Box as i'm a new subscriber. I was really impressed with my box in July which you can read about here so couldn't wait to see what August's box would bring...
This months theme was high flyers (which i understand they repeat every year?) meaning that all the products are designed for travel and girls on the go - perfect for when i used to air hostess. The products included are also from all around the world so you get the chance to try brands that you might not have seen/heard of before.
Viva La Juicy Noir
I really loved this perfume tester. While i'd definitely prefer to receive full size makeup items in my box to feel like i've got my moneys worth it is a good way to try new perfumes before you splash out on the entire bottle - but i guess i could just go down to The Pefume Shop and grab some testers like this.
Size: The sample included is only 1.5ml which really isn't a lot, maybe a few days trial at most.
Product:That said the two days where i've worn the perfume so far i'm really impressed with it. Viva La Juicy Noir is a very fruity scent which is 100% right up my street, it includes berry notes and amber which are a delicious combination.
Price: Full size Viva La Juicy is £63 for 100ml, this tester works out at 94p
Would i buy it: Yes actually i would, it is pricey but a lovely perfume
Oceane Make-up remover pen
I've seen products like this in drugstores but for some reason i'm never desperate to get my hands on them, probably because i'm doubtful they work to be honest but this little gem has definitely become my new best friend.
Size: The make-up pen is full size and comes complete with three replacement nibs (a genius touch!)
Product: Granted i've only used it a couple of times but i am over the moon with this pen. I have a habit of getting mascara under my brows (curse of long lashes!) and this pen has never made it easier to remove without any fuss. I've learned not to press too hard or my foundation comes off underneath and i have to start all over again but generally for little touch ups i'm really impressed. Particularly dark make-up black mascaras and eyeliners do stain the nib but i haven't found this to rub off the next time i use the pen like i've seen some people mention? Again maybe due to being very light handed?
Price: Unknown unfortunately, Oceane seem to be a Brazillian company and i haven't had any luck finding out much about them online. Please let me know if you discover anything.
Would i buy it: Yes 100%
Emite Eyelash Curlers
Size: Included in this months Glossy Box was a full size set of Emite eyelash curlers which are apparently Sweden's favourite eyelash curlers! They also came with replacement rubber pads which is always good for extending the life of curlers.
Product: I did like using these but to be honest i don't see any difference with them being pricier than my usual drug store eyelash curlers. As usual i heat the curlers with either a hairdryer or hot water and then press them to each set of lashes quite firmly for a couple of seconds. Noticeably curl straight away but it wasn't a huge difference to my natural lashes.
Price: These retail at £19.83 which in my opinion is a bit too pricey for eyelash curlers (but obviously thrilled to have them in my box!)
Would i buy it: Based on the price...i'm afraid not
Jelly Pong-Pong 2 in 1 eyeliner & eyeshadow
Size: This cute 2 in 1 eyeshadow/liner is full size
Product: Bizarrely this came to me in a red/purple/burgundy colour which i do not believe anybody would wear as eyeshadow? I certainly wouldn't anyway so i'm afraid this product is wasted on me. If i'd received it in plain black or actually any other colour i may have been more excited about it. On my very brief trial run it did apply smoothly with good pigmentation so potentially could be a great product, i'm just so disappointed with the colour.
Price: £10.50
Would i buy it: Probably not for over a tenner but i am intrigued by a more wearable colour
Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
Size: This diddy little sample comes in a 30ml bottle which i think is a good size to determine whether you like a skin product
Product: I haven't had a chance to use this yet but i'll be sure to update the post as soon as i have (hopefully tonight!)
Price: This retails at £28.50 for 480ml which i think is quite a lot...i will have to love it to justify spending that much on a cleanser. This makes my sample worth £1.78
Will i buy it: be decided
Overall i do like last months Glossy Box but i'm not sure i LOVE it. I could probably take or leave most of the products, the only one i am super impressed with is the make-up remover pen, and that's probably because i am super clumsy and forever making errors!
TOTAL BOX WORTH: £33.05 (before the make-up remover pen)
What did you think of the August Glossy Box? Will you be purchasing any of the products ive mentioned?