Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bath & Bodyworks Anti-bacterial hand gel in Cookie Dough

Hi dolls, did you all have a nice weekend?
my boyfriend and I went down to the beach for the day and had a lovely quiet lunch by Eastbourne Harbour - it would be rude not to in this weather right? then being big football fans as you know we watching the Liverpool vs. Man Utd game on sunday (thats enough about that! :s) and went to some friends for a lush roast dinner in the evening.
what did you get up to?
Whilst packing my beach bag i came across a Bath & Bodyworks hand gel which i havent seen for yonks! you know how you change handbags and forget to transfer everything over? well this has definitely been one of those items
For those of you who havent heard of Bath & Bodyworks they are a huge company in the US that sell - yes you guessed it - mainly items for your Body & Bath. Think Body Shop but with gorgeous candles instead of make up. Everytime i have been to the states i cant help but stock up on their products, they just smell too amazing not to! Unfortunately they don't ship to the UK at the moment so it can be tricky to get hold of their products over here but i dont usually have any trouble finding them on eBay when i run out :)
This anti-bacterial hand gel is I Love Cookie Dough flavour, which may be a little sickly sweet for some people but i absolutely love it. The initial scent after application is a little overpowering for me but leave it a few seconds and your hand truely smell of gorgeous, doughy, just out the oven cookies! Yum!
If you ever get the chance to pop in one of the Bath & Bodyworks stores whilst over in America I can highly highly recommend it - especially the huge 3-wick candles that burn forever! (Marshemellow fireside is my favourite)
Have you been to Bath & Bodyworks? I'd love to hear what you're favourite products are?