Thursday, 8 August 2013

Westfield Stratford City

On Tuesday night I travelled over to Westfield Stratford shopping centre. For those of you that haven't been to Westfield Stratford you really really should! In my opinion it is simply the best shopping centre ever, they have every shop and restaurant you can think of. My eyelash appointment wasn't until 7:15pm so i had a little time to wander round the shops and get myself some dinner.
The first Celeb Boutique store opened here only last week and they are always adding to the list of shops.
Image: Models Own
I was very excited to visit the Models Own bottle shop which I hadn't been to before
It is a super cute little shop in the middle of the mall in the shape of a nail varnish bottle selling all things Models Own. They had such a huge range of stock, I've never seen so many shades all together. I loved it! I was set on getting my hands on their neon polish Pink Punch (blog to follow) so very excited to see they had rows and rows of the neon colours as they are the new shades being promoted at the moment along with their splash collection.

If you haven't been to the Models Own Bottle Shop yet you I highly recommend it.
You can see all the neon polishes displayed in the front window
I also has a little wander into the Kiko makeup store which I love for two reasons:
1) you can find real bargains and quite often all lippies and nail polishes are £2.50
2) i don't get to go there very often
This time they were advertising their new Sugar Mat Nail Lacquer which leaves the nails with a mat sand effective and innovative touch. I didn't buy any this time as I was in a bit of a rush by this point but had time for a quick tester that I thought i'd share with you and to be honest i'm not sure about it.
Please excuse the lighting (London underground what more can I say!) and messiness, it was just the overall effect i wanted to show you. I chose shade 634 Lilac which was one of the matte options and i have to say im not loving it. The matte effect is quite nice but i don't like the sand effect. maybe it's just me but i just feel like i messed my nails up before they had time to dry and the bumpy texture catches on everything something else that grates on me. There are other colours that were two/tone and shimmery such as 639 Golden Mandarin and 646 Starry Black which may be better. Check them out for yourself online here
Have you tried any Kiko Makeup Milano products or any sugar effect nail polish?