Friday, 30 August 2013

Sleep In Rollers Original gift set

So unless you've been living under a rock i assume you will know about Sleep In Rollers by now.
They are a brand of hair rollers with a foam core so that the design enables you to get a great nights sleep whilst the rollers work their magic and you wake up with big bouncy hair.
Image: Sleep In Rollers
Sleep rollers have been around for a couple of years now and are pretty much seen on every celeb ever? When they first started you could only get the bog standard one size, pink rollers but now they have expanded SO much and there is possibly a type of roller or hair accessory for absolutely everybody. Mega rollers, regular rollers, short hair rollers, pink, black, white (coming soon), Amy Childs purple, leopard, blonde, brunette, fringe rollers, big buns, extensions, dryer hoods and loads loads more. You name it Sleep in Rollers probably make it.

I am completely besotted with my Sleep In Rollers and use them all the time. I've probably had them for 18months or so and they have definitely become my staple product when i want big, bouncy curls for a night out (or just a glam day!).
Sleep In Rollers recommend you place the rollers in dry already blown hair. They can also be used on slightly damp hair for a curlier effect so it depends what look you are after really. I've found if i put the rollers in with damp hair i sometimes get a bit of a kink but thats probably down to me not rolling tight enough as well.
The morning results the first time i ever used my
The outside of the rollers are velcro so stick to the hair pretty well anyway but can be secured with kirby grips or clamps if you need them. The rollers do stick to my hair on their own but i have thick heavy hair and tend to wriggle about abit in the night so i do fasten each roller with one kirby grip. Once all my rollers are in place i drown (and i mean drown) my head in hairspray. This isn't something Sleep In Rollers advise you need to do but i feel happier with the results when i do it.
To be completely honest i wouldn't say Sleep In Rollers give me a totally undisturbed sleep, they are irritating and i am definitely aware of them in my hair/back of my head. I've found that once i get comfy in a position they are fine and i forget about the for a while but inevitably at some point throughout the night i roll or move and then i can feel them again. Saying that they are still 1000x comfier than any other hair rollers i have ever tried, the foam definitely does help.
The results in my opinion are really really great. I'm always left with super bouncy hair, with a lovely curl towards the ends which holds all day or night long with no need for any extra products. Even before i discovered i could drown my head in hairspray while the rollers set the longevity of the results has always been awsome. I literally find my hair keeps the style until i next wash it - PERFECT!
Rollers In!!

Rocking my rollers on a girls weekend to Liverpool :)

Sleep In Rollers can be found in salons all across the country now, bought online on, in Boots stores or online at Forever Unique. The basic set retails at £24.95

Have you tried Sleep In Rollers? Do you love the results as much as me?