Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Love my Claireabella....

While this may not be a new purchase as such i simply have to share with you my love for my Claireabella Jute Bag.
For those of you that haven't heard of Claireabella (or have perhaps been living under a rock?) a lovely lady called Claire based in Liverpool has come up with the idea of creating personalised a-Bella characters and hand painting them onto canvas bags. As far as I know Claireabella were the first in the market to do this even though there are tonnes of variations now but I think Claireabella are still my favourites.
You can read all about the Claireabella story here
As demand for Claireabella's increased Claire sought the help of a company called Toxic Fox to help with mass production and demand and Claireabella's are now bought through their website www.toxicfox.co.uk/Claireabella and all sorts of Claireabella items can now be designed, from hoodys, wall art, phone cases, mugs and many many more.
Once on the website you can pick what colour hair, style of hair, colour eyes, skin tone and outfit your Claireabella has plus include your name or any text you would like. Personally my favourite touch is their eyelashes *amazing*
This picture is quite old because very very sadly my Claireabella got a little injured when I wrote my car off last Xmas and her ribbon and pink mesh flower have come off *boo* so she is a little more battered now but I still love her alot and use her all the time! I've got the medium size jute which when i bought mine was the smallest size but you can now get a Polo Jute which is even cuter & dinkier! I've found the medium size more than sufficient for everyday use, its a similar size to any handbags i already use and has plenty of room for all my essentials. The handles are a good size, fit perfectly in my elbow crease and could probably just about fit over my shoulder on a skinny day! ha!

 I think Claireabella jutes are perfect for everyday use and always get heads turning. They are often spotted on the arms of all kinds of celebrities and make the perfect present! 
I can't wait to order a large Bikini Claireabella for my holiday to Thailand next year.
Claireabella Jute bags start at £24.99
Do you own a Claireabella? What look did you go for?